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Can anyone identify this font

30/11/2012 alle 18:38

Can anyone help me identify this font? I have been searching with NO luck, I can't find an outline font that looks like this one. Thanks

Can anyone identify this font

Carattere Identificato

Franklin Gothic  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 

30/11/2012 alle 19:10

Carattere Identificato: Franklin Gothic

30/11/2012 alle 20:24

Hi thank you. I can not figure out what exact style it is. Did they ad a stroke to the font? I always though this was an outline font and filled in with color.

What if your opinion? Was a stroke added?

30/11/2012 alle 20:26

outer white stroke with shadow for INVESTOR, dual stroke (there are different ways to make it) for the first word.

Modificato su 30/11/2012 alle 20:27 da SashiX

30/11/2012 alle 20:31

Thank you both so much. I was searching for hours, as I thought it was an outline font. This site is great. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!

30/11/2012 alle 20:34

anytime, unicus you can make that logo in seconds with Photoshop.

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