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Font name or similar?

30/11/2012 alle 03:32


Font name or similar?

Carattere Identificato

Fontastique   Suggeriti da drf   (vedi post)

Carattere suggerito

Cocon   Suggeriti da SashiX   (vedi post)

30/11/2012 alle 05:19

Cocon style
Carattere suggerito: Cocon

30/11/2012 alle 09:48

Old version of this one ?
Carattere Identificato: Fontastique

30/11/2012 alle 17:49

D'oh forgot that one

30/11/2012 alle 21:13

It is a pity that the intermediate posts have been hidden as the 2010 version of the Fontastique is the perfect match and not the 2012 version.

30/11/2012 alle 22:05

SashiX ha detto  (vedi post)
D'oh forgot that one

Last time I was the one who forgot this one

30/11/2012 alle 22:20

A people without a history is not a people ...

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