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Vacation Bible School

16/11/2012 alle 03:09

Please help my church identify this font. We plan to do this circus Vacation Bible School next summer. Thank you!

Vacation Bible School

Carattere Identificato

Dream Land  Suggeriti da loguz 

Carattere suggerito

Showcard Gothic  Suggeriti da lolhipoop 

16/11/2012 alle 05:34

Carattere suggerito: Showcard Gothic

Modificato su 16/11/2012 alle 05:35 da lolhipoop

20/11/2012 alle 05:55

Thank you for suggesting Showcard Gothic. That does look correct!

20/11/2012 alle 06:19

this is
Carattere Identificato: Dream Land

20/11/2012 alle 06:51

Now, I think that Dream Land looks more like it because I don't see that Showcard Gothic has lowercase letters. Thanks for your help!

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