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17/10/2012 alle 15:39

Please, someone knows?


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Canoe   Suggeriti da Tobol9   (vedi post)
Clarks Summit   Suggeriti da stevenfanboys   (vedi post)
Pumped Up Kicks   Suggeriti da arban68   (vedi post)

18/10/2012 alle 01:02

Thats a "pumped up kicks"
Carattere suggerito: Pumped Up Kicks

18/10/2012 alle 01:03

but you gotta compress it a little!

18/10/2012 alle 09:51

Hmm, I guess the "L" shape is different.. :(

24/01/2013 alle 22:33

Carattere suggerito: Canoe

Modificato su 24/01/2013 alle 22:34 da Tobol9

24/01/2013 alle 23:44

Carattere suggerito: Clarks Summit

26/01/2013 alle 03:55

I can't find the font :c but something similar:


If you want, just look after here: (in the previous pages I didn't find anything).
”Hope it helps! xo.

26/01/2013 alle 21:34

Just impossible to find that font!! But thank you guys anyway, for spending your time on it!

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