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11/10/2012 alle 14:17


Carattere Identificato

Agency   Suggeriti da danyforchrist   (vedi post)

Caratteri suggeriti

Bank Gothic   Suggeriti da Jellevdm   (vedi post)
Eurostile   Suggeriti da malvolio   (vedi post)

11/10/2012 alle 15:03

Agency font
Carattere Identificato: Agency

11/10/2012 alle 15:07

Carattere suggerito: Eurostile

11/10/2012 alle 15:20

Carattere suggerito: Bank Gothic

11/10/2012 alle 15:30

Pssst it's Agency which someone had the pleasure of stretching out on their computer.

11/10/2012 alle 15:36


11/10/2012 alle 15:37

Perhaps you'd care for a cup of fresh brewed coffee -- it's still early in the morning... WAKE UP

11/10/2012 alle 15:41

Early? Not for's 9:42 over here!

11/10/2012 alle 15:42

Oh, it's the same here - but it still feels early...

11/10/2012 alle 15:43

I was up since 7...had my coffee already!

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