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any idea? thx

09/10/2012 alle 02:14

any idea? thx

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Poster Bodoni Italic   Suggeriti da Heron2001   (vedi post)

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Bodoni No. 1 SH   Suggeriti da wnf   (vedi post)

11/10/2012 alle 20:46

Carattere suggerito: Bodoni No. 1 SH

11/10/2012 alle 20:52

nice one wnf - and we also know it this way....

I just noticed the K from the Bodoni you selected doesn't quite match up - it is Poster Bodoni Italic.... ooops
Carattere Identificato: Poster Bodoni Italic

Modificato su 11/10/2012 alle 20:53 da Heron2001

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