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What's this font?


08/10/2012 alle 21:20

What's this font?

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Carattere Identificato

Calibri  Suggeriti da malvolio 

08/10/2012 alle 21:26

Carattere Identificato: Calibri

08/10/2012 alle 21:43

Calibri (K)

08/10/2012 alle 21:43

It's Calibri.

08/10/2012 alle 21:49

Thank you guys

Modificato su 08/10/2012 alle 21:50 da drf_

08/10/2012 alle 22:14

I thought it was Calibri. Darn

08/10/2012 alle 22:38

No, it's Calibri...

09/10/2012 alle 00:56

What's going on here? Am I invisible?

09/10/2012 alle 01:41


09/10/2012 alle 01:42

LOL what? You just noticed my font post?

09/10/2012 alle 01:43

Have you seen Malvolio lately?...

Many days without news from him...

Modificato su 09/10/2012 alle 01:44 da rocamaco

09/10/2012 alle 01:46

nope, lol because you've said it so serious Typical joke here, when someone suggest the same that was already solved

Modificato su 09/10/2012 alle 01:52 da SashiX

09/10/2012 alle 01:49

rocamaco ha detto  
Have you seen Malvolio lately?...

Many days without news from him...


09/10/2012 alle 01:50

@ SashiX, it's a joke? Where's the humor?

09/10/2012 alle 01:53

BTW, it's Calibri...

Modificato su 09/10/2012 alle 01:53 da rocamaco

09/10/2012 alle 01:54

No kidding! I actually thought it was Calibri...

09/10/2012 alle 01:57

C'mon, rocamaco, what are you smoking, bro? I just finished my PS comparison just to tell you that you are wrong - it's Calibri, I'm 100% sure now.

09/10/2012 alle 02:01

Then, it is Calibri, isn't it?...

09/10/2012 alle 02:07

Aaaaameeeennn, at last you've seen the light, don't you? Of course it's Calibri, but remember not to mistake it with the font you've suggested before, ok? They're different.

09/10/2012 alle 02:09

Now, I will can sleep better, it's Calibri!!!...

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