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Stop and Shop

08/10/2012 alle 02:37

Thank you very much in advance.
(I'm crossing my fingers that this font is available to the public.

Stop and Shop

Modificato su 08/10/2012 alle 02:37 da malvolio

Carattere Identificato

Delta  Suggeriti da koeiekat 

14/10/2012 alle 15:29

Carattere Identificato: Delta

17/10/2012 alle 18:53


17/10/2012 alle 19:31

with modified "t", "p" and "h". Looks so generic now

17/10/2012 alle 19:31

Yeah...and just what is that stuff flying out from the bowl? Rocket-powered purple orange slices?

17/10/2012 alle 19:33


17/10/2012 alle 19:34

I'm never shopping there again...their fruit might explode in my stomach.

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