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What font is this?

08/06/2012 alle 12:03

Anyone who can name this font or any font which looked like this? I have downloaded a font like this before but I don't have it anymore. I forgot the name and need it now though.

From an Anne Curtis poster.

What font is this?

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Carattere Identificato

Payday   Suggeriti da Rodolphe   (vedi post)

Carattere suggerito

Blackout   Suggeriti da ThirdNaLang   (vedi post)

08/06/2012 alle 12:09

Carattere suggerito: Blackout

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08/06/2012 alle 12:12

ThirdNaLang ha detto  (vedi post)

Nope it doesn't look like it

08/06/2012 alle 15:20

Carattere Identificato: Payday

Fuso orario: CEST. Ora sono le 10:14

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