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Anyone know this font?

15/03/2012 alle 18:34

I originally thought it was Pupcat but it's not as there are differences between the two. Thanks in advance.

Anyone know this font?

Carattere Identificato

Pupcat   Suggeriti da Rodolphe   (vedi post)

15/03/2012 alle 18:40

Carattere Identificato: Pupcat

15/03/2012 alle 18:44

Thanks but it doesn't appear to be Pupcat. Look closely at the r in From. In Pupcat, there's is more sticking out than shown in this font..

On this font too it shows weird edges around the edges of the L and the E which is straight in Pupcat.

15/03/2012 alle 18:46

Yup, just add a stroke in Photoshop and voila

15/03/2012 alle 18:47

It's just bolded.

15/03/2012 alle 18:48

Ahh, didn't think of that *slaps head*. Wunderbar, thanks a lot.

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