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The Weeknd - House of Balloons font

14/12/2011 alle 00:14

Hi guys,

Could you please let me know which is used for "The Weeknd". I'm sure it'll be obvious to most of you.

The Weeknd - House of Balloons font

Carattere Identificato

Helvetica Bold   Suggeriti da daaams   (vedi post)

Carattere suggerito

Nimbus Sans Extended Bold   Suggeriti da heros003   (vedi post)

14/12/2011 alle 00:23

Carattere Identificato: Helvetica Bold

02/01/2012 alle 04:59

Carattere suggerito: Nimbus Sans Extended Bold

02/01/2012 alle 09:54

It is Helvetica Bold but u have to photoshop the w closer to the eeknd part other wise it will not look the same.

16/11/2012 alle 00:54

What about the "e"?

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