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Tomate Basilic

30/11/2011 alle 17:06

Hi All, can you help me with this one?

Thanks a lot!

Tomate Basilic

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Angelina   Suggeriti da rocamaco   (vedi post)
Creampuff   Suggeriti da rocamaco   (vedi post)

30/11/2011 alle 17:11

Manually bold...
Carattere Identificato: Angelina

30/11/2011 alle 17:30

Waouh! Amazing... thank you!

Can I abuse asking if someone knows the font for the text "Pour vous mettre l'eau..."

30/11/2011 alle 17:32

It's not an abuse...
Carattere Identificato: Creampuff

30/11/2011 alle 17:46

What a great job! Thank you !!

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