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What font is the "P"

28/05/2011 alle 02:52

What font is the "P"

Caratteri Identificati

Pulse Sans Virgin   Suggeriti da Myotis   (vedi post)
28 Days Later   Suggeriti da crhanks   (vedi post)
Punk Kid   Suggeriti da rocamaco   (vedi post)

28/05/2011 alle 03:36

Carattere Identificato: Pulse Sans Virgin

Modificato su 28/05/2011 alle 05:05 da rocamaco

28/05/2011 alle 03:45

I designed their Myspace page so I know this one well... 'Project' is the typeface '28 Days Later' and '9-6-1' is the typeface 'Punk Kid'; all of which can be found here on
Carattere Identificato: 28 Days Later

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28/05/2011 alle 05:10

"9 -6- 1"
Carattere Identificato: Punk Kid

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