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So it's been 2 days...

04/05/2013 alle 20:40

how long does it normally take for a font to be reviewed? Sorry for being impatient, I just am.

04/05/2013 alle 20:59

It depends on an incredible amount of things, there's no "general" rule

04/05/2013 alle 21:00

OKay, great that tells me a lot.

04/05/2013 alle 21:11

It's done manually.. so the answer is 'whenever the staff here get around to it'. It's usually within a few days, but that's not a hard and fast rule.

It does help not to be demanding about it, though.

04/05/2013 alle 22:19

Probably before summer you will have it uploaded, maximum at the autumn...

05/05/2013 alle 00:32

rocamaco ha detto  
maximum at the autumn...

05/05/2013 alle 11:43

Look at the date when new fonts were last added to the site.

If you submitted the font on or after that date, your font is still being "considered."

If you submitted the font a day or more before the last site update, then send the site owner a private message and ask why your font was not accepted. Do not forget to tell him what that particular font is.

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06/05/2013 alle 10:11

It's normaly less than a week... if the font is accepted.

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