Wet Arial

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kumar1982  02/01/2012
synopsiss  02/01/2012
dommage elle me bloque tout (Ó Úviter)
robinp1959  03/01/2012
I am so bummed, the file is invalid! Can someone correct it so we can have it, pretty pretty please?? THANK YOU!
PistoCasero  autore di Wet Arial   03/01/2012
It is very heavy to load, I am sorry if it is causing you some problems. I'll release a new lighter version as soon as possible.
donnellya1  10/01/2012
I love this PistoCasero! It is just what I need but I am also having loading issues :( please post the lighter soon!
PistoCasero  autore di Wet Arial   25/01/2012
Thanks a lot donnellya1! You can already download the LIGHT version
PistoCasero  autore di Wet Arial   25/01/2012
If there is somebody interested in the BITMAP .jpg and VECTOR .eps versions of the font, you can get them here: http://www.gilbertomoya.es/wet-arial-font-by-pistocasero.html
maximusmaximus  10/03/2012
I love this font! keep up the good work!
PistoCasero  autore di Wet Arial   12/03/2012
Thank you very much Maximus!
IXI_Prodigy-  03/09/2013
super cool, nice work
Bridgette1985  31/03/2015
What would you ask for a commercial license? I would love to use this on book covers!

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