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LatinReloaded  15/01/2010
really beautiful!
whiteatomant  20/05/2010
Hi, is this font free for commercial use? thanks
Gunarta  30/08/2010
great :D
dlamprecht  24/11/2010
Could you please tell me, which languages (codepages) are supported?

best regards,
fino940  11/02/2011
Hello Luce

My name is Fiona and we are looking at creating a brochure design and we would love to use your font in the brochure. Please can you let me know if you are ok with this?

thank you so much
mkye709  15/03/2013
Hi Luce,
is this font for commercial use? can you please let me know?
Lriznyk  18/03/2013
mkye709  18/03/2013
thank you, we are a cosmetic company Shiseido based in USA. we would like to use this font for website, catalog and etc. can i have your email address?
elenab  04/12/2014
Amazing font! Thank you!
fadedsails  25/03/2015
Are you aware that you've inspired the name & brand for the photographer ?

Love the font! In an interview, he said that this font inspired him to choose the name.
ajmortier  26/11/2015
Has anyone heard whether this font can be used commercially? I want to assume it can be since it says 100% Free but I don't like not fully having a definitive answer.
Elzahh  27/03/2016
I really like this font! Is it okay if I use it on my society6 store/images?

Thanks for you time. -E
deliuta  09/05/2016
Is there a commercial license available? Please email me at:

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