St. Nicholas

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Bonnie Maria  12/10/2010
Is it possible for you to add this letter, Ę/ę? It's a letter you use in Denmark. I am making my own christmas card, where I'm gonna write "Ględelig Jul" which means Merry Christmas, but you haven't got the letter Ę/ę :-( Can you add it? :-) Please.
josefa05  30/11/2011
Padrisimas las fuentes...
hasta q x fin encontré una pagina
como esta...
Felicidades!! Exelente todo!!
samoswald  28/10/2013
The number 2 on this font produces a red line over any text following it. Not sure if this is just me or not!
Jerico603  11/02/2014
Wondering about liscence with this font. Please contact me at

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