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michiel_terpelle  15/05/2010
Good job
Xupicor  23/11/2010
Great job, having a great looking font with alternative chars, and with support for lots of languages? Ah! That's just great. :)
Roger S. Nelsson  autore di Scriptina Pro   23/11/2010
Thanks for the feedback! Quarter of a million downloads, and at least two satisfied users! ;)
Raul Perez Canseco  24/11/2010
Hola Roger... No te preocupes... tu fuente es bonita no tienes comentarios pero si muchos usuarios satisfechos... suerte
broper2010  23/03/2011
I have recently started taking photos on the side. I have a website and may want to use your font on the site or in my photos. I tried downloading it. I went to the security settings in the file and selected unblock. I still cannot find it in my font drop-down box. Am I missing anything? Any help would be appreciated.
Carok  10/05/2011
Hi, I'm a drawer and I would like to use this font for my signature, badges, etc.
Do you allow me to use it ?
Roger S. Nelsson  autore di Scriptina Pro   12/05/2011
@Carok: Yes, of course! :)
Tappz_TAP  22/06/2011
Hi would it be ok if i used this font for a logo and comercial use please?
smartcooky  22/06/2011
Hi,I need the ok also to use Scriptina Pro for my Logo as well as in artwork that incorporates Scriptina Pro. I plan to sell on mugs, ect. Thank you! I love this font!
Roger S. Nelsson  autore di Scriptina Pro   22/06/2011
Everybody: the font is totally free! For all kinds of work - private AND commercial! Enjoy! :)
Court3013  31/08/2011
thank you! this font is perfect!
aburcay  03/10/2011
great font, thank you. I have a tattoo (my daughter`s name) on my shoulder with your font
EricaStar215  03/10/2011
The Best!! When in doubt, use Scriptina Pro!
carlamd1628  08/11/2011
Beautiful font, but it keeps getting cut off at the top when I use it in power point. What am I doing wrong?
FontDownloader1227  20/12/2011
I like it. I added it to my group >>
OmarB  24/12/2011
Great Font! I was wondering if I can use your font for my logo please.
Maricel Metzger  13/01/2012
Hello Roger,
we would like to use the font for commercial work - e.g. city light posters. Is this generally possible? Are we allowed to use them for free as you mentioned in one of your above comments?
Would be great to get your feedback as soon as possible.
Agawa  28/02/2012
This font is simply perfect. As soon as I found it, I decided to have it tatooed on my arm - names of my 3 sons :) In this way your font is going to stay with mi till the end of my life :) Thanks a lot!
tricius  12/03/2013
Gran tipo de letra
Murat Nur  11/05/2013
NURHAZİNESİ.COM logosunu hazırlayan arkadaş

İRTİBAT kurabilir mi ?
abihunter  11/04/2014
Great font, thanks so much for sharing, i used it in my wedding invitations!
aznanlatif  02/09/2014
a great & beautiful font. thank you very much for sharing. i'm using it for a design i'm working on. thanks again
Hi Good day How can i Download the Scriptina ? is that for free?
bremkins  21/09/2014
Hello, can I use your magnificient font for my webpage? Thanks!
suaveskyy  03/10/2014
Can i use it for my logo Tshirts thanksss
uttercaro  01/01/2015
I use this wonderful font all the time. Thanks so much for making it free.

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