Night Still Comes

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metaphasebrothel  27/06/2014
This is terrific work, Ana! I thought the kerning was off a bit, based on the text display in the banner, (it looks like there's too much space after the m, or before the e), but that's not the case, when the font is in use. The design and technical specs are both highly polished.

The lower case e, m, p u, and v, in italic, degrade at smaller point sizes; I think if you increased the width of some of the very thin areas slightly, they might look a little better. Each of those letters looks fine at some sizes, but too thin at other sizes. If you put some sample text in a text editing program, then vary the point size between 18-72, you should see what I mean.
justlikethistrain  autore di Night Still Comes   30/06/2014
@metaphasebrothel: Thank you so much for the comment! I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind for future font updates. -Ana
incorrect  07/07/2014
this is my favorite font ever, ana! you must be terrific at font making, and i've made a few myself, but never anything like night still comes. i'll download this right away!
justlikethistrain  autore di Night Still Comes   07/07/2014
@incorrect: Thank you so much! That is the nicest comment. Enjoy! - Ana
jen4700  19/07/2014
love this, but having trouble with the zip file. When I unzip it just gives me another zip file. I'm using Mac with Mavericks.
jen4700  19/07/2014
Ana - thanks so much for helping me troubleshoot my zip issue!!
justlikethistrain  autore di Night Still Comes   19/07/2014
@jen4700: No problem! Thank you!
Albert_Scoot  29/07/2014
Awesome font, makes my ebooks look awesome.
justlikethistrain  autore di Night Still Comes   31/07/2014
@Albert_Scoot: That's great! Thank you so much for the comment.
breezynunnz  13/08/2014
Greetings, Ana. I am having the same problem as jen4700. Unzipping just keeps giving me new zip files.  02/09/2014
Great Ana .. thanks a lot ..
justlikethistrain  autore di Night Still Comes   02/09/2014 Thank you!
trimoa01  19/11/2014
Having the same zip file issue as the other 2 users.

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