Last King Quest

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KC Fonts  11/09/2012
This is amazing! If this doesn't get more than 3k downloads next update (9/11/2012) everyone should be ashamed of themselves!!!
Chloe5972  12/09/2012
I love it !!
tadou  13/09/2012
pas mal !
Snonas  24/09/2012
Could you please add vowels with a graphic accent, like these?: ß, ┴; Ú, ╔; Ý, ═; ˇ,Ë; ˙, ┌ (and some others?)
g0odfellas  01/10/2012
can i use this font on my clothing line? or do i have to pay?
any grachics school me on copyrighting fonts
Natalonia  11/12/2012
Is there any way that I could use this for a small groups yearbook? I know this is a stupid question since it clearly states for personal use. It wont be used for more than 30 yearbooks. :/

NeeCee  11/12/2013
Where do you find answers to comments and questions?
swifti  29/11/2014
Can I use this font for a logo for a nonprofit? Love it!

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