Caviar Dreams

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tuf  19/01/2010
very nuce you know
tuf  19/01/2010
Curry,nice name
PseudoNympho  autore di Caviar Dreams   20/01/2010
Thank you
galdinootten  23/03/2010
This is actually a font very delicate, like a lot!
PseudoNympho  autore di Caviar Dreams   29/03/2010
Thank you :)
comuneidee  30/03/2010
How much costs your font ?
PseudoNympho  autore di Caviar Dreams   03/04/2010
This font is free but donations are always appreciated :)
rja86  07/04/2010
i like this, almost reminds me of the Calvin Clein font, but not at the same time.
candy517  23/08/2010
I swear I saw this font in polyvore
ndansoa  31/03/2011
love it
1620  25/05/2011
great font!!
rgrant  31/08/2011
nice font, thanks!
rgrant  31/08/2011
nice font, thanks!
roschelleC  04/09/2011
Very similar to the Calvin Klein logo...classy font!
kayelleallen  20/02/2012
Smooth and classic.
NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
isa0304  20/11/2012
Amazing! :)
RaquelFantasia  22/04/2013
I love it! This font is very good for informative posters. Thank you.
Violume  04/06/2013
Great Work! I am very interested in this font for commercial purposes. Please email me you terms & conditions at Looking forward to hearing back! Thx - Lauryn
webapp1  28/06/2013
Please submit your font to google fonts directory asap

very useful to promote !!!
Jay0973  12/09/2013
I'd like to use your font for some work, would you be able to send me your terms and conditions in a private message please? (call me skeptical, but nothing is free these days!) Thanks for your help and look forward to hearing from you soon!
SteveWilliamsVoice  28/12/2013
Hi, I'd like to use your font in a logo. Do you have terms for that sort of thing? If I wanted to donate, how would I do that?
PseudoNympho  autore di Caviar Dreams   30/12/2013
@Jay0973 - Hi, sorry for the belated reply! If you are still interested in the font, I am glad to clarify that the font is in fact free for both commercial and personal use. Donations are appreciated but not required for that particular font. Let me know if you need any thing else or have any other questions.

Thanks so much :)
<3 Lauren


@SteveWilliamsVoice - Hi, this font is licensed free for both personal and commercial use. If you would like, I could email you a copy of my specific commercial terms (the commercial EULA) ~ use of this font is pretty much free of restriction, save for the distribution of the font or font data itself as is or in modified form, which is of course prohibited :)

If you would like to donate you may donate via this website (below download buttons on the right of fonts is a link to "Donate to author") or you may donate directly from PayPal to my email address:

Thanks so much. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further assistance.

<3 Lauren
ddoctor846888  20/02/2014
Hi Lauren,
I'm Logo Designer and doing small commercial project logo.
How much it cost for use in my logo?
Plese email me :

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