Brannboll Ny

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YNeidr  22/09/2013
Hi. I'm a great admirer of your fontwork, and I like this font very much, but it seems to me very similar to your earlier "Branboll" font, with only slight modifications (like a small number of different letterforms, absence of the "fet" and "smal" variants (this one is very close to "fet"), that sort of thing. I'm puzzled as to why you have made a whole new font with so little difference. Or is there something I'm missing?
MAWNS  autore di Brannboll Ny   23/09/2013
Yes, it's basically the same font, as the name implies. It's made from scratch with improved quality.
rrmcgrew  26/09/2013
This may be a dumb question, but I can't figure out how to add the tail. Help.
MAWNS  autore di Brannboll Ny   26/09/2013
Please read the description. Use 0-9.
samueljbrown  19/04/2015
Hello :) I wanted to know if you sell a license to use this font for commercial use? I create and sell logos, and would like to use this font.

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