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intoxified  21/06/2006
yea all star! thanks. :D
factis  16/11/2006
c'est idéal pour les t-shirts allure vintage
mbiacs  31/12/2006
G-lady  07/02/2007
_Neete_  03/04/2007
kazari  16/02/2008
This is so great!But is this free?
I'm a dress designer,so I wanna use this font for my products.
Can I use this?
agustinluisbou92  22/08/2008
Esta fuente es parecida a la Princetown.
RAS-UTOPIA  16/10/2008
Lidm4n  20/10/2008
hey, i wonder if i can use this to a school project? can anyone answer? thank you.
shpliff  14/11/2008
does anyone know the author or the copyright owner? can i use it for commercial use?
pinkodots  06/12/2008
i was wondering if i could use this font... does any one know the author? thanks!
agustinluisbou92  18/04/2009
Esta fuente es similar a la Princetown.

Este es el link:
sideline  22/02/2010
Love the font, wondering if this is free as are most of the fonts on this site.
DAFONT!!  29/03/2010
probléme a la létre g pas trés important mais bon a corriger

Sinon Genial
gbraddock  23/05/2011
Is this a free font for personal use?
krisd123  29/05/2011
Can this be used for banner ads?
PerishedAtNight  07/08/2011
Hey! Can I please use this font for a flyer?!
Can you respond via:
Thanks in advance.
MisterClifford  28/03/2012
I downloaded this font to use, when I save the file a message come up saying:
"The font Allstar-Regular could not be embedded in the PDF document because of licensing restrictions. Stroked text will not be visible."
What are the restrictions??
Can I use this type face for a brand identity??
ambiance déc'OR  04/06/2012

I would like to use this font for a commercial use. Could you tell me if it is possible ?
Thanks a lot
Expelli4rmus_  21/10/2012
Hello may i know if i can use this font for my class t shirt? Please email me your reply, my email is Thanks very much!:)
ag77  03/12/2012
Can I use this font for commercial use ?
twitternoise  04/04/2013
I'd like to use this font for commercial purposes. Please let me know if that's ok. Thanks!  25/11/2013
Great font! Is it possible to use this font commercially? If yes, is this font also available in the formats .eot, .woff and/ or .svg? Thanks!
docampo92  31/12/2013
is this font free for commercial use? let let me know =]
sunlianthus  14/04/2014
Hi Is this ok for commercial use?
jacpatatas  13/06/2014
May I use this for a school t-shirt design?
ludivine94  01/07/2014
could I use this font for commercial purposes?
Thank you !!!
arh3  15/09/2014
Is this font available for commercial use? Please let me know,! Thank you!
clearday  28/01/2015
Can this be used for customizing product?
Please let me know:)
cherryyllaann  06/02/2015
Is this font available for commercial use? Please let mek now chersflair at gmail dot com
felber45  02/03/2015
Hello -

Can this font be used for commercial use? Please let me know via email:

thank you

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