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fannymarie  03/03/2008
How much is it to download your font. I want to use it for a tatoo. Of all fonts i been loocking at i liked this the most, its absolutely beatutiful. Ciao ,Fannymarie
gems  05/10/2008
hi, could you pls contact me as i would like to use this font on a logo. does 'shareware' allow me to do this?
snixon  22/04/2009
I would like to use this font on a web page. Is this a free shareware? If not, how much would the download be?
Loukoum  14/08/2009
Hi, i'm a new french graphist, and i want to know if i can use this font for a logo, is it free ?
GloriaGypsy  18/10/2009
What exactly do you mean by shareware? Are you requiring a payment or credit/link? Most shareware is for personal use or as a free trial, you have no specifications for your fonts use.

You can contact me:


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