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Danielhega  03/08/2008
I like this font!
fucking Bullet For My Valentine font, maaaaaaaayte!!! XD
BrandonBlake  24/04/2009
you bet it is bitch..HAHA
i love it too XD
Autopsy  20/11/2010
Nice font!
trusake  19/06/2011
the font is badly vectored, needs to be improved
Sleay  13/10/2011
May i use this font as an youtube title?
SpaceOctopus  21/12/2012
Don't you mean it's the font Bullet For My Valentine USED? It's not THEIR font...
Dragon Strong lml  16/09/2013
bullet for my valentine.....and avenged sevenfold
GeronimoFonts  17/02/2014
This guy basically copied your font
peterp  17/02/2014
This font copying is horrible! If true it needs to be stopped.
Penta-Gram  05/03/2014
@GeronimoFonts - I did not copy the font, but I modified/edited it. If you can not see the difference between mine and his font, I don’t know what to say...

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