Elif Sans Herif

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Elif Sans Herif à  di Serdar A. 
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I feel that rigid, linear, and solid fonts are too masculine like arial or verdana. That’s why I want to create a natural, non-linear, but legible fat finger typeface like women. Yes, I inspired by my feminist activist friends in Turkey. I used this font in anarcho-feminist web page https://feministmutfak.com :)

PS: It also includes Turkish letters.

For commerical use please contact: http://serdara.com/iletisim

Note: If you a problem with "oTo" letters in Photoshop please use "optical" instead of metrics.

Visto per la prima volta su DaFont: 02/12/2012 - Aggiornato: 19/01/2013

Illustration © Serdar A.

Elif Sans Herif

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