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At dusk, I was in a bar ( "675 bar") for a drink and I took the opportunity to ask the bartender for information about the city (I was visiting New York few weeks ago). The bar was almost empty at this time and I noticed in the corner of the bar, a man, fifties , gray hair, with a strong face marked by the torments of life, sitting alone and sipping his coffee. While I was talking to the barman , I felt he was listening to the conversation and staring at us. No sooner I asked questions about the Bronx than the man stood up suddenly, came towards me with his wide open and shining eyes and said :

" Bronx bystreets ? You prefer to pay the toll, believe me… "

I dedicate this font to this man.

Guilhem G. from hypefonts team
*UPDATE 1.4 : kerning enhanced !

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Bronx Bystreets

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