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Roberto Dias da Silva [Deconditoned Reflex Design]

Né le 30/05/1987 (28 ans, Gémeaux)
Pays-Bas (The Hague)

"All upstanding people who can read and write, and whose minds have not been mutilated by the conditioned reflexes of imperialism’s media apparatus, can have a real idea of the problems currently affecting humanity."

- Fidel Castro Ruz

Hello there! I am Roberto Dias da Silva. I am a graphic designer from the city of The Hague, the Netherlands. I have quite a few years of experience as a Freelance Graphic Designer, specialized in Typography, 2D & 3D Design, Logotypes / Iconography, Conceptual Design and various experimental works. I had clients from all over Europe, and i like to pride myself in really getting in to the shoes of my clients, getting to know their vision, culture, and target demographic.

Some would describe my work as “Slick”, “Edgy”, “Professional” and yet “Playfull”. My strength lies in non-linear problem solving, and i like challenges. I’m versitile, flexibile, yet idealistic. But above all, a teamplayer! I love people and working with them, yet am very capable of working independently. I live by the creed of “ Point me the horizon, and i will move it! ”

Roberto Dias da Silva
Deconditioned Reflex Design - graphic & multimedia design
(+31) 06 37 47 95 44

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