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David Kerkhoff [Hanoded]

Né le 19/12/1969 (45 ans, Sagittaire)
Pays-Bas (Somewhere)

Most of my fonts are DEMO / DONATIONWARE. They all come with a nice License & FAQ file, which explains what that is and how you can use my fonts. In short: yes, you can download them and use them for yourself for free. If you want to use my fonts for commercial exploits: you make a donation. Easy as. The demo versions of my fonts on this site are all in working order, but only contain the basic glyphs. If you need the full version of a font, you can buy it from my site - full versions typically come with all glyphs, all diacritics, kerning, embedding rights and quite often alternates and ligatures.

If you want to get a tattoo with one of my fonts: please feel free to do so. No donation is required. If you use my fonts for your tattoo shop, you can donate.

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