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30/07/2014 à 14:20  [réponse]  Please Anyone? :-)

Police identifiée : Futura Medium

30/07/2014 à 14:17  [réponse]  4 STS

Enjoy - so SCCA member - eh? You should be a Dark Sider...

30/07/2014 à 14:17  [réponse]  what identification, please

"eauty lender" is in ITC Avant Garde

the "b" is from ITC Kabel

(but there are other versions like on Dafont with Arista 2.0 Light:

Police identifiée : Avant Garde Book

30/07/2014 à 14:10  [réponse]  4 STS

Police identifiée : Demonized

26/07/2014 à 16:58  [réponse]  please :)

The "S" in the Black Condense is more like the S in your ample - perhaps they used it and extended it manually. Otherwise, Bold may do the trick as a substitute.... P.S. It also reminds me of a URW font they no longer make - called Accidalia Bold.

Police suggérée : Neuzeit Grotesk Bold

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26/07/2014 à 16:27  [réponse]  HELP

Not 100% sure... but it looks like Franklin Gothic Heavy - that was extended manually...

Police suggérée : Franklin Gothic Heavy

26/07/2014 à 16:16  [réponse]  help

Not the font - but similar - perhaps it will do for your project

Police suggérée : Cantoni

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26/07/2014 à 15:54  [réponse]  What Font Is This? Or similiar?

25/07/2014 à 15:52  [réponse]  Name?

If you need a quick substitute - take a look at Adelle


Police suggérée : Adelle Thin Italic

25/07/2014 à 15:40  [réponse]  What font?


Police identifiée : Lobster Two

25/07/2014 à 15:33  [réponse]  HELP!

There probably is a shareware font that is just like this... but... if you can't find it, and no one has a suggestion and you feel like modifying a font to get this result - take a look at Nick Curtis' Day Tripper.


Police suggérée : Day Tripper

25/07/2014 à 15:30  [réponse]  Font?

If not one finds this for you - you might want to use a substitute -
try Castle Light


Police suggérée : Castle Light

25/07/2014 à 15:20  [réponse]  what font?

Maybe this will do you

Police suggérée : Deco Experiment 2

25/07/2014 à 12:39  [réponse]  what font is this please

Looks like Heavy in weight. Maybe Bold.

Police suggérée : Futura

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25/07/2014 à 12:36  [réponse]  FONT?

Perhaps it's not a font.

25/07/2014 à 12:35  [réponse]  What about this font?

Police identifiée : Neutraface

24/07/2014 à 14:57  [réponse]  What font is this..?

Police identifiée : Zapfino Extra One

24/07/2014 à 13:01  [réponse]  font help

I haven't a clue where you saw it - but it is Trajan Bold

Police identifiée : Trajan Bold

24/07/2014 à 12:56  [réponse]  What font is the" &" ???

I adore ampersands - and you've a nice one there. All I can find you is a nice substitute - Antique Regent Italic

NOT THE FONT - but closest I can find in looks.

Police suggérée : Antique Regent Italic

24/07/2014 à 04:08  [réponse]  what is the font of awesome ?

You're welcome.

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