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27/03/2015 à 13:38  [réponse]  What's this font?

You are most welcome. Good luck with your project.

27/03/2015 à 12:25  [réponse]  What's this font?

Even closer - but on dafont (yay for you) is Petita

Police suggérée : Petita

27/03/2015 à 12:23  [réponse]  What's this font?

The fonts are definitely Gill Sans - but someone close that is free is from Google Fonts - Khula.

THIS IS NOT THE FONT - just a substitute.

Police suggérée : Khula

27/03/2015 à 12:21  [réponse]  What's this font?

two weights used

Police identifiée : Gill Sans

26/03/2015 à 17:11  [réponse]  Font of HONOR AMONGST

Police identifiée : House Upright

26/03/2015 à 17:08  [réponse]  Driving me nuts! Help

Distorted ....

Police suggérée : Crillee Bold Italic

25/03/2015 à 15:12  [réponse]  Typo

It's two fonts... The swash are from the Bookman Swash family - the other are from ITC Bookman

Police identifiée : Bookman

25/03/2015 à 15:07  [réponse]  Blue's Clues Logo


Someone has marked this as probably not a font - and I tend to agree with them. If you look closely the "l" "u" "e" and "s" when duplicated do not match. Sorry. Perhaps someone can find something close. I tried... no luck - sorry.


25/03/2015 à 15:03  [réponse]  tURKISH aIRLINES

It might be Gotham but I think it may be Greta Sans Compressed Semibold...

Police identifiée : Gotham

25/03/2015 à 15:01  [réponse]  LAGER

It might have been distorted through abuse in photoshop.

Police suggérée : Franchise

25/03/2015 à 14:59  [réponse]  What’s this font?

It looks like they took Eurostile, outlined and modified it. Please don't ask me which manufacturer - or if Microgramma is closer....

Police suggérée : Eurostile Black Italic

25/03/2015 à 01:50  [réponse]  Marble Hornets font

If you want it pixel-like then this would do it for you

Police identifiée : VCR OSD Mono

25/03/2015 à 01:49  [réponse]  Marble Hornets font

If you smooth out your sample - it is very much like this

Police suggérée : ModeNine

25/03/2015 à 01:46  [réponse]  Periphery Font?

BN 3rd Place is similar - and with a bit of modification - you can duplicate perifphery

Police suggérée : BN 3rd Place

25/03/2015 à 01:43  [réponse]  ai

Police identifiée : Golden 0 Pony

23/03/2015 à 21:13  [réponse]  Help me find this font!

If you want it heavier - it would be Chalet New York 1970

Police identifiée : Chalet London 1970

20/03/2015 à 18:16  [réponse]  Font please :(

De nada

20/03/2015 à 18:16  [réponse]  What's the font?


Police identifiée : Avengeance Mightiest Avenger

20/03/2015 à 18:14  [réponse]  Font please :(

Police identifiée : Dustbowl Clementine

20/03/2015 à 17:47  [réponse]  Fonts identification

made solid

Police identifiée : John Handy

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