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27/08/2016 à 22:20  [réponse]  What is this font?

Police identifiée : Victorian Parlor

27/08/2016 à 22:16  [réponse]  Name of the font please ? :]

Obliqued manually

Police identifiée : Agency Gothic

27/08/2016 à 18:51  [réponse]  name of this font?

Condensed manually a lot.

Police identifiée : Grobold

27/08/2016 à 18:14  [réponse]  YG Font?

Police identifiée : Colonial Roman

27/08/2016 à 18:10  [réponse]  All fonts!

33 Ext Thin and 83 Ext Heavy for She is 51 Looks 25

Police identifiée : Helvetica Neue

I have my doubts that this is a font.

If you just want something to substitute - try Janice Hand


Police suggérée : Janice Hand

26/08/2016 à 17:10  [réponse]  WHAT IS THIS FONT

Police identifiée : Riven

26/08/2016 à 17:08  [réponse]  Nombre porfavor..

Police identifiée : House Gothic 23

26/08/2016 à 17:04  [réponse]  Tipo de fuente

Bold, manually obliqued

PS Known as the very first font designed for the MAC.

Police identifiée : Rotis Semi Serif

26/08/2016 à 17:01  [réponse]  Anyone Know this font ?


Police identifiée : Crillee Italic

26/08/2016 à 16:51  [réponse]  what font is ?


Just a substitute... similar - not the same.

Police suggérée : Ariq

26/08/2016 à 16:41  [réponse]  What is this font?

You could probably make this by using Dafont's Essence Sans

Police suggérée : Essence Sans

26/08/2016 à 16:39  [réponse]  whats the name of this font?

Medium weight

Police identifiée : Geometric 415

26/08/2016 à 16:31  [réponse]  Need the Marlin font

You could make your own stencil by using Industry Black

Police suggérée : Industry

25/08/2016 à 17:42  [réponse]  font name - RR

It looks like Baskerville and someone drew lines through it.


Police suggérée : Baskerville Old Serial

25/08/2016 à 17:34  [réponse]  Help!

In black weight do the trick for you? It's not quite it - but close.

Police suggérée : Pluto Sans

25/08/2016 à 17:31  [réponse]  Barry Callebaut

It most likely is Charter.... in Bold Weight

Police identifiée : Charter

25/08/2016 à 17:29  [réponse]  font name?

Just another substitute - sorry - it reminds me of an Optima on steriods. But Chong seems to have a similar "feeling."

Police suggérée : Chong Modern

25/08/2016 à 17:24  [réponse]  font pls?

The "Believe It or Not..." was handlettered years ago by Ripley himself. Someone just ripped it off for this.

It's in the bible - I can only recommend a substitute.

Police suggérée : Cloister Heavy

25/08/2016 à 17:15  [réponse]  Font please

Not the font - just an alternative if you are still looking - VAG Rounded Black

Police suggérée : VAG

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