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01/10/2014 à 15:16  [réponse]  What font is this ?

With some nip and tucks you may come pretty close using Champion Script
many glyphs:


Just a quick solution for substitution

Police suggérée : Champion Script

01/10/2014 à 15:10  [réponse]  what font family is

Police suggérée : Bosis Medium

25/09/2014 à 14:17  [réponse]  what is the name of this font ?

You are welcome romadowie.

25/09/2014 à 14:16  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : City Bold Italic

25/09/2014 à 14:14  [réponse]  WHAT IS CHANEL FONT NAME?

Chanel is definitely "logotype" designed for them. A font has been made but it is not a font for public use.

The closest I've seen to it has been Gotham Bold.

Police suggérée : Gotham Bold

25/09/2014 à 14:04  [réponse]  what is the name of this font ?

Police identifiée : Bellevue

23/09/2014 à 16:51  [réponse]  DARKROOM

It looks like a modified (the R) version of Broadway

Police suggérée : Broadway Compress

22/09/2014 à 17:15  [réponse]  Little Star Font?

Kat - I specifically wrote SIMILAR TO - yes in all caps - shouting it.

The "T" is what is so different.

Now I know you wrote this was exact - and I agree with you. I hope Fred comes back to let us know what little differences he found, especially when the post from the X2KraZe admits - he found the font himself - and I assume it is the one he original used.

22/09/2014 à 16:20  [réponse]  What font please?

Police identifiée : Lobster

22/09/2014 à 16:15  [réponse]  Little Star Font?


Police suggérée : French Script

22/09/2014 à 16:11  [réponse]  font of SNR

Kat - a new one in the Microgramma/Eurostile conspiracy - Michroma.... lol

20/09/2014 à 21:28  [réponse]  font name

Close to: Xifiction:
or Spoutnik:

I don't know if it is a font or not...

20/09/2014 à 18:32  [réponse]  McDonald's

Kat - I LOVE that line - may I steal it from you?

Is it an old family expression?

20/09/2014 à 18:13  [réponse]  what font they used?

Easier too... the "a" can be made up from the lowercase o + i - kerned together.

And I still think the letters are closer to Euro/Micro rather than Lastwaerk - sorry....

20/09/2014 à 03:04  [réponse]  Font?

Police suggérée : Avant Garde Bold

19/09/2014 à 22:56  [réponse]  what font is this?


Just a substitute - Eras Demibold - and you upright it and manually stretch it out...

Police suggérée : Eras Demi

19/09/2014 à 22:52  [réponse]  what font they used?

Ordinarily I'd tell you to look at Eurostile Extended #2 - condensed slightly

But around here - they don't like Eurostile (too bad they don't know Eurogothic) but would tell you it's Microgramma Extended

The choice is yours -- the the "a" is not a match in either along with other nuances -- so I guess it is safe to say - NOT THE FONT - just a great substitute. (Meanwhile, since it is a logo - the designer probably did it as an original using Eurostile as the base.)

19/09/2014 à 15:02  [réponse]  Fonts like this one?

You are welcome. Good luck on your project.

19/09/2014 à 15:01  [réponse]  A la recherche de cette police

If you would like something with the same feeling - perhaps DF Pigtail Lean can be used.

Si vous voulez quelque chose avec le même sentiment - peut-être DF Pigtail Lean peut être utilisé. - Pas la police

Police suggérée : DF Pigtail Lean

18/09/2014 à 14:58  [réponse]  Font please!!!

Police identifiée : Helvetica Neue 35 Thin

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