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19/09/2014 à 15:02  [réponse]  Fonts like this one?

You are welcome. Good luck on your project.

19/09/2014 à 15:01  [réponse]  A la recherche de cette police

If you would like something with the same feeling - perhaps DF Pigtail Lean can be used.

Si vous voulez quelque chose avec le même sentiment - peut-être DF Pigtail Lean peut être utilisé. - Pas la police

Police suggérée : DF Pigtail Lean

18/09/2014 à 14:58  [réponse]  Font please!!!

Police identifiée : Helvetica Neue 35 Thin

18/09/2014 à 01:17  [réponse]  Font or Similar please...

that "g" is a definite ad lib....

Police identifiée : Ad Lib

18/09/2014 à 01:16  [réponse]  Balsillie Font

The closest is the MS Windows Garamond - but I can't find a sample for you.

Police suggérée : Garamond

17/09/2014 à 16:57  [réponse]  Band Camp Font from American Pie

Thanks Paul - sometimes I think it is because either the person cannot comprehend English; or they just don't take the time to read.

Good luck on your search. I hope someone finds it for you.

17/09/2014 à 15:07  [réponse]  Band Camp Font from American Pie

It looks like someone took ITC Zapf Chancery Roman and obliqued it themselves rather than using the true Italic.

AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LOVE PRESSING "NO" -- this is NOT the font - just a usable alternative.

Police suggérée : Zapf Chancery

17/09/2014 à 14:14  [réponse]  What font is this?


may be Compacta that someone has stretched out manually

Police suggérée : Compacta Bold Italic

17/09/2014 à 14:10  [réponse]  What font is this?

GF were modified

Police suggérée : Cooper Black Italic

De nada/

17/09/2014 à 13:40  [réponse]  What font is this?


But you've been looking a while - and I thought you might like something close....

Police suggérée : Biortec Bold Oblique

Police identifiée : Capitals

17/09/2014 à 13:27  [réponse]  Please help me find these font.

Bold Italic

Police identifiée : Lora


Police suggérée : Adam Handwriting

16/09/2014 à 14:22  [réponse]  team FONT?

Police suggérée : Rage Italic

16/09/2014 à 02:28  [réponse]  What's this font? PLEASE!

15/09/2014 à 19:03  [réponse]  Fuente

Police identifiée : Helvetica Bold

15/09/2014 à 16:53  [réponse]  ¿Font?

Police identifiée : Royal Chicken

15/09/2014 à 16:41  [réponse]  What font is this?



There are many different manufacturers of Copperplate... in the 1990s - we use to call it the New Helvetica... lol

Police identifiée : Copperplate

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15/09/2014 à 16:40  [réponse]  Font name

I know what you mean Kat - the only similar letters were the B L and S

I think the ampersand is from some ampersand font - though I've seen similar in my search - just not the same...

Most likely handlettered --

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