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28/01/2015 à 15:57  [réponse]  Which is the font used here.

Too tiny to ID

Perhaps this will do you

Police suggérée : Times New Roman

28/01/2015 à 15:51  [réponse]  Bizi Kidz

Police identifiée : TR Kids

28/01/2015 à 15:48  [réponse]  HELP????? What is this font?

Police identifiée : Angryblue

28/01/2015 à 15:35  [réponse]  A.N.T farm logo

Looks like Eras Ultra that someone modified the "a"

Police suggérée : Eras

28/01/2015 à 15:34  [réponse]  This font

It looks like you could use Helvetica - and modify the K.

28/01/2015 à 15:32  [réponse]  Font?

Perhaps you can modify FTY Konkrete
or Machine
or Diamante:

28/01/2015 à 15:22  [réponse]  24 Faubourg

Not the font

but a nice substitute for the same feeling

Police suggérée : Sloop

28/01/2015 à 15:17  [réponse]  Font?

Similar to

Looks like someone modified Catull to start making a logo.

Police suggérée : Catull

28/01/2015 à 15:14  [réponse]  Looking for This font

Police suggérée : Serpentine

28/01/2015 à 15:03  [réponse]  What is this font?? Thanks!!!

similar to

Police suggérée : Volkswagen

27/01/2015 à 17:27  [réponse]  psychedelik font :)


Police suggérée : Janice

27/01/2015 à 17:20  [réponse]  Quelle est cette police?

is it possible the "E" was hand-created - and the vr was from Champagne & Limosines?

Police suggérée : Champagne & Limousines

27/01/2015 à 14:52  [réponse]  Reeds Cove

Reeds try semibold weight

The R is better matched up to another manufacturer's R - but the C is Baskerville - see link.

Police suggérée : Baskerville

27/01/2015 à 14:49  [réponse]  Reeds Cove

Health is in Helvetica

Police identifiée : Helvetica

27/01/2015 à 14:46  [réponse]  Wie heißt die ?

Police identifiée : Player Condensed

27/01/2015 à 14:44  [réponse]  Font?

Police identifiée : Bodega Sans

27/01/2015 à 14:42  [réponse]  Font?

Sayonara - is a form of Latin - don't know the manufacturer of your original but here...

Police identifiée : Latin

27/01/2015 à 14:41  [réponse]  Anyone help with this font?

Police identifiée : FS Albert

26/01/2015 à 21:44  [réponse]  Maybe Garamond, but which one?

Maxime - the Q is wrong so is that R... and I haven't even started comparing the rest....

How about something similar?

Kermel Medium


Police suggérée : Kermel

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