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23/04/2015 à 17:50  [réponse]  What the font is this?

I guess I'm the only one that thinks this is fuzzy

the "r" bugs me... but the rest is what it is.

Police identifiée : Handel Gothic

23/04/2015 à 17:46  [réponse]  Luis Toste Make Up

Makeup Artist

Police identifiée : Caviar Dreams

23/04/2015 à 17:45  [réponse]  Luis Toste Make Up

Luis Toste

Police identifiée : Clemente

22/04/2015 à 18:00  [réponse]  Font???

Also known as the commercial font: Cacao

Police identifiée : Gloria

22/04/2015 à 17:58  [réponse]  what is this font pls

This is Eurostile "the" is in a regular weight; "Insider" is in Bold Extended

There are many manufacturers - so I will not go for the Exact

Some will say Microgramma -- and this round I'll agree because... the roundness in the lowercase E

I personally loved Alphatype's version.

Police identifiée : Microgramma

22/04/2015 à 17:37  [réponse]  font?

It reminds me of Brandon Printed Two - perhaps a quick substitute?

LA MEJOR - does NOT match at all! This is only about TERAPIA....

Police suggérée : Brandon Printed

22/04/2015 à 17:33  [réponse]  jeanys font???

Stretch it out - and if you are resetting, please consider using the REAL apostrophe. Thank you.

Police identifiée : Forte

22/04/2015 à 17:24  [réponse]  Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Not the font

only similar - I saw this and had to think "Ad Lib" -- so if you do not need exact this may be a nice substitute.

Police suggérée : Ad Lib

22/04/2015 à 17:09  [réponse]  font ID?

Ah, thank you -- you made my day coming back for follow up.... Good luck - are you a driver? That looks like a driver on a track car....

22/04/2015 à 17:08  [réponse]  Kendji Girac, URGENT!

I do not think this is a font. The two (i)s that were use are different. The weights of the letters are not the same (N so heavy, J so thin).

I believe this was handwritten - someone with a magic marker maybe?

Google Translation:
Je ne pense pas que ce est une police. Les deux (i) s qui étaient utilisation sont différents. Les poids des lettres ne sont pas les mêmes (N si lourd, si mince J).

Je crois que ce était manuscrite - quelqu'un avec un marqueur magique peut-être?

Police identifiée : Handel Gothic

22/04/2015 à 16:57  [réponse]  Help, Please.

Futura ExtraBlack Oblique/Italic - the apostrophe seems to be a "foot" mark and not the true apostrophe. There are many manufacturers of Futura - each with special traits - so I'm just giving a link to Linotype's version.

Police identifiée : Futura

22/04/2015 à 16:51  [réponse]  font ID?

Police identifiée : CazFat

22/04/2015 à 16:43  [réponse]  What font is this?

That is one odd-bird T -- I think this might be Miller Daily in Bold that has been squashed considerably.

Police suggérée : Miller Daily

It would be nice if you had some more letters. But since all you have is the T - try Stockholm and modify for the base.


PS If you get more letters - please let us know.

Police suggérée : Stockholm

16/04/2015 à 16:46  [réponse]  What is the name of this font?

Police identifiée : Hardwood

16/04/2015 à 16:45  [réponse]  What is the name of this font?

Police identifiée : Kabel

12/04/2015 à 19:32  [réponse]  Can you help me identify this?

This looks like an old Monotype font that is not available anymore...

But very close would be The Sans in Bold

Police identifiée : TheSans

12/04/2015 à 19:20  [réponse]  Police inconnu ?

Police identifiée : Hand Test

12/04/2015 à 19:17  [réponse]  Loups Garous en Ligne

Police suggérée : Marigold

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