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16/03/2013 à 18:50  [post initial]  Which font is this??? PLEASE HELP!!!

I know it's not old english but then again there are millions of variations of old english.

20/02/2013 à 08:25  [post initial]  The number font!

I need to find out the font of the number on the side of the car, It's kind of screwed and it's making it harder to find it.

09/02/2013 à 20:20  [post initial]  If I could get the font off this sign

that would be helpful too.

09/02/2013 à 20:19  [post initial]  Need to figure this out

It's such a simple font and i could just be missing it when I look for it, but i can't find this font and I need it for work.

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