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09/02/2015 à 13:33  [post initial]  Any thoughts on this one?

Hi Folks - Any thoughts on what the main white font is here?

Any thought son the font used as the main font in this logo?

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Police identifiée : Fontdinerdotcom

25/03/2013 à 18:14  [post initial]  Heres a subtle one

Having trouble pinning this one. I can get close but the 'S' is never quite right. S has a subtle thinning top and bottom as well as a sloped end. Also all fonts i get close with are more elongated than this.

Font that is close : ITC Stones Sans

Any ideas?

I cant find the link to approve a suggested font.? ive dont it before but i must be looking inthe wrong place!

17/10/2012 à 10:27  [réponse]  Any Idea on this one??

wnf a dit  

Yep thats the one! Corbel it is!!

many thanks

16/10/2012 à 15:02  [réponse]  Van Helsing font help...

I Know i've seen this somewhere - i have lots of this style of font will have a trawl when i'm back on my MAC

16/10/2012 à 14:43  [post initial]  Any Idea on this one??

Its kinda myriad Pro half Arial? any thoughts?

13/07/2012 à 18:33  [réponse]  Any ideas on the font

Yep Thats the one! Many thanks!!!

13/07/2012 à 14:42  [post initial]  Any ideas on the font

I suspect this is a base font with custom alterations but any thoughts if its a font 'as is'

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08/05/2012 à 22:38  [post initial]  Any thoughts on this font?

I'm looking for the FEAR font?

02/05/2012 à 12:59  [réponse]  Any ideas on this font? (SUMMER)

FOUND IT! its mixture of upper and lowercase from anagram then obviously the paint splats on top!

Police identifiée : Anagram

02/05/2012 à 11:51  [post initial]  Any ideas on this font? (SUMMER)

I'm guessing this maybe a standard font thats been modified and embelished but any idea on the font/base font?

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