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15/07/2012 à 12:46  [post initial]  the?

Me wants to know what font is this. :>

01/07/2012 à 13:33  [post initial]  SUSHI?


30/06/2012 à 07:25  [post initial]  Call him what?


22/06/2012 à 13:05  [post initial]  pLANNER?

What iz diz font?

22/06/2012 à 13:04  [post initial]  The?

What iz the meaning of diz? xDD

18/06/2012 à 12:42  [post initial]  Asap?

Pweety pwease with chewwy on top?

11/06/2012 à 17:14  [post initial]  Fontie?

I don't know what's this font, so please tell me.

01/06/2012 à 10:42  [post initial]  Helpie?

Can you tell me whats the font?

01/06/2012 à 10:41  [post initial]  New font?

What is this font? Can you reply?

28/05/2012 à 09:00  [post initial]  Puh-lease

With cherry on top? Helppp~?

28/05/2012 à 08:59  [post initial]  Pretty pretty please?

Don't you want to help me with this font?

28/05/2012 à 08:56  [post initial]  A.S.A.P.

I will be grateful if you guys would help me out in this font. Pls?

28/05/2012 à 08:56  [post initial]  Helppp?

What is this font?

I think the font is called Satisfaction.

Police identifiée : Satisfaction

27/04/2012 à 03:10  [post initial]  HELP PLSSS?

I'm an AUTHOR at Wattpad, I create covers for my stories so I need this font. A.S.A.P.

26/04/2012 à 07:55  [post initial]  Juliette

Can someone help me with this font? xD

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23/04/2012 à 10:30  [post initial]  Help?

I'm an online crap writer at W. I'm making book covers, so I badly need new fonts to use. ~~(*^* ~~ )

23/04/2012 à 10:28  [post initial]  S.O.S

A font that I need to know because I'm making certain book covers for a website. Tenkyou! ( ~~ *o*)~~

23/04/2012 à 10:25  [post initial]  What is this font?

I'm making book covers for a certain website, so I need to know what is the font in the picture. Danke!

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