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22/07/2016 à 06:47  [post initial]  Sagres font

19/05/2013 à 01:38  [réponse]  Serif font?

Yes that is it indeed; I was just thrown off by the bold appearance.

Thank you!

18/05/2013 à 18:41  [post initial]  Serif font?

13/01/2013 à 19:44  [réponse]  ayuda para esta fuente por fa

Quizás Optima, pero la letra "R" parece diferente.

Police suggérée : Optima

13/01/2013 à 19:40  [réponse]  The World Awakens

Looks like a match, but the E and N look different.

Some more samples:



13/01/2013 à 18:07  [post initial]  The World Awakens

30/12/2012 à 17:28  [réponse]  Dedicated servers?

that's it! many thanks!

30/12/2012 à 17:15  [post initial]  Dedicated servers?

more of the same font on

25/10/2012 à 12:52  [réponse]  Underground Racing

Xenotron with a modified slant

Police identifiée : Xenotron

08/09/2012 à 05:36  [réponse]  resident evil retribution

Police identifiée : Resident Evil

06/09/2012 à 20:14  [post initial]  Sol beer font?

29/06/2012 à 00:59  [réponse]  Font Help

Police identifiée : Blood Omen

31/05/2012 à 04:45  [post initial]  drum n bass?

19/02/2012 à 07:22  [post initial]  video game category?

hi, i remember a few years ago dafont had a great category that had various video game fonts like namco, pac man, neverwinter, etc., what happened to it?

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