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I have it on my pc, but i think it was custom designed for the cover, i got it on some forum

You're welocme

Police identifiée : Avant Garde Gothic

12/04/2014 à 23:59  [réponse]  Christina Aguilera

Police identifiée : Interstate Compressed Bold

It's not exactly the same, I think it's sylized for the cover

Police suggérée : Titan Italic

Police suggérée : Trade Gothic Bold Condensed

10/04/2014 à 15:05  [post initial]  This font?

Can someone help me find this font?

27/11/2013 à 14:26  [post initial]  Britney Jean Font?

Does anybody know the name of the font used for tracklisting?

11/03/2013 à 09:33  [post initial]  This font?

Can you help me finding this font?

08/03/2013 à 11:13  [réponse]  Help with this font


07/03/2013 à 19:15  [post initial]  Help with this font

Does anybody know the name of this font?
I need the italic one

07/03/2013 à 12:45  [réponse]  Help with this font

Thank you so much!

03/03/2013 à 14:10  [post initial]  Help with this font

Can someone help me finding this font?

18/12/2012 à 19:21  [post initial]  What is the name of this font?

It's so usual font, but I can't find it, so please, can you help me with it?

10/12/2012 à 08:26  [post initial]  This font?

25/10/2012 à 06:03  [post initial]  [REQ] this effect?

Can anybody help me with this font?

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09/04/2012 à 23:44  [post initial]  Shakira font?

07/04/2012 à 17:43  [post initial]  Background?

I need font for machine number 1 in the background

07/04/2012 à 17:42  [réponse]  Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

Thank You soooo much

21/03/2012 à 08:53  [réponse]  help me please

It's made from Britney Spears logo. The similar font is riesling,
the logo is made special for album Femme Fatale

Police suggérée : Riesling

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