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Looking for the 'LADY GAGA' font please!
Thanks in advance

11/09/2016 à 15:26  [post initial]  Petite Meller 'Barbaric' Font

12/08/2016 à 14:06  [post initial]  'M.I.A. - Bird Song' Font

02/07/2016 à 16:23  [post initial]  Jain - Zanaka Font

Thank you in advance <3

20/06/2016 à 16:06  [post initial]  'Childish Gambino - Pharos' Font

Thank you in advance!

Wow that was quick, thank you so much!

Would really appreciate this, thanks in advance

Police suggérée : Dotline

Thank you!!
Anyone know the Jennifer Lopez font?

08/04/2016 à 16:57  [post initial]  Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama font

Trying to create a cover and could do with both fonts, thanks in advance!
A starting point is that "Ain't Your Mama' is the same font as 'Glitter' by Mariah Carey but I couldn't find the specific variant

31/03/2016 à 17:06  [réponse]  Top Shop - Ivy Park (Font)

Police suggérée : Aktiv Grotesk ExtraBold

Édité le 31/03/2016 à 17:15 par Alex4c

26/01/2016 à 00:02  [réponse]  The Grammys Font?

It's an edited version of Bifur I believe!

Police suggérée : Bifur

21/12/2015 à 16:34  [réponse]  lauren aquilina echoes font

yes thank you!

18/12/2015 à 02:02  [post initial]  lauren aquilina echoes font

22/10/2015 à 21:28  [post initial]  Adele 25 Font

09/10/2015 à 13:58  [post initial]  Lady Gaga as The Countess font

15/08/2015 à 00:35  [post initial]  Lolene - Electrick Hotel

31/05/2015 à 01:33  [réponse]  Is this a font?

it's most likely handwritten, sorry :/

18/05/2015 à 21:48  [réponse]  'little nest' font

yas thank you <3

26/04/2015 à 11:56  [post initial]  Ryn Weaver - The Fool Font

thanks in advance <3

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