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But in the meantime I have found that there is much cheaper version with different name, from the same type designer

Police identifiée : Sari

If I am not wrong, this is Harabara

Police identifiée : Harabara Mais

Édité le 21/08/2015 à 21:00 par Lancon

Word "Candy" is in Candy Script (d is alternate glyph)

Police identifiée : Candy Script

27/09/2012 à 08:40   Hofmann

It is Mistral, maybe slightly modified ( original has jagged edges). I think it comes with Photoshop, Illustrator and etc.

Police identifiée : Mistral

Looks like Brandon Grotesque Black...

Police identifiée : Brandon Grotesque Black

Hope it helps

Police identifiée : Arista

11/07/2012 à 16:58   HELP !!!

Police identifiée : Duke

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