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17/11/2012 à 18:22  [réponse]  QueerlyOut Shots

awesome thanks!

17/11/2012 à 18:06  [post initial]  QueerlyOut Shots

Hi guys,
redesigning this flyer, original designer has run away and left us in the lurch, would quite like to use this logo. can you tell me what font 'SHOTS' is written in at the top.

10/10/2012 à 17:42  [réponse]  Bank note UK font

haha I would hope that they did have a designer, using stock fonts for money seems a bit of a security risk!
I've found the actual font ( but do you reckon anywhere will have it for free download?
thanks for the help!

10/10/2012 à 17:38  [réponse]  Bank note UK font

if i was a good counterfeiter i would just buy the font!

10/10/2012 à 17:36  [réponse]  Bank note UK font

no doing some design work for a shop who want to do 'whiskeybucks'.
changing bank of england to the shop name and the queen to a burlesque dancer!

10/10/2012 à 17:08  [post initial]  Bank note UK font

Hey, can anyone tell me what the font is for Bank of England and where i might find it online for free download?


07/12/2011 à 18:00  [réponse]  What is this?

daaams a dit  
wow, looks like a death-crack-metal flyer, not a jewelry card !


07/12/2011 à 17:36  [post initial]  Funny girls

what font is this please?

03/11/2011 à 16:36  [réponse]  CM Punk widely used font

thanks man!

looks like a serif font changed in illustrator.

03/11/2011 à 16:34  [post initial]  CM Punk widely used font

Hi guys,
What font is CM PUNK and S E H C written in?


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