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11/11/2016 à 18:36  [réponse]  What font is this ? thankyou.

It's based on this, but heavily modified…

Police identifiée : Billhead

10/11/2016 à 18:26  [réponse]  Windsor Store font search!

It's a modified version of Democratica…

Police identifiée : Democratica

10/11/2016 à 12:29  [réponse]  Whats font? please


Police identifiée : Abaddon

05/11/2016 à 12:46  [réponse]  fuente no identificada

Police identifiée : Horndon

22/10/2016 à 16:29  [réponse]  help me ;)

Police identifiée : Ecuyer DAX

12/10/2016 à 15:41  [réponse]  Unfortunate

UnfortunatE EventS could have started life as this…

Police suggérée : Decotura

Police identifiée : Home Remedy

Apple system font, so no idea where you'll get a copy other than by buying a mac.
This is similar:

Police identifiée : Noteworthy

Could be Birch, but sample is too small to be sure.

Police identifiée : Birch

22/09/2016 à 21:54  [réponse]  Help please

Police identifiée : Sarah Script

22/09/2016 à 20:42  [réponse]  Any help?

No worries. I should have mentioned that the 'R' is modified.

22/09/2016 à 15:09  [réponse]  Any help?

Police identifiée : Tommaso

22/09/2016 à 12:28  [réponse]  Font?

Police identifiée : Edwardian Script Alt

22/09/2016 à 12:26  [réponse]  Font?

Police identifiée : Bleeding Cowboys

claudeserieux a dit  
Problem with Grandstander Clean

There is self intersection in Bimbo_JVE.ttf would that cause a mac to report it as a serious error?
It's in the Ð (Eth) ð (eth) ¥ (Yen)

20/09/2016 à 21:56  [réponse]  Aggie 2

Eurogrammamicrosquarestile strikes again.

20/09/2016 à 13:33  [réponse]  Crescent City Blue & BBQ Fest

Cresent City Blues etc.
Props to donshottype for the aide memoir and some background…here.

Police identifiée : Thalia

16/09/2016 à 00:42  [réponse]  Font Please?

I have a feeling this started life as Horndon…

Police suggérée : Horndon

All the rest (tho' not 100% on the weight). Could be book

Police identifiée : Neutraface Text Light

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The script Victoria etc.

Police identifiée : Medusa

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