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"AKIMEKEDO 14hs." etc.

Police identifiée : Hobo

14/05/2015 à 12:24  [réponse]  This font ??

14/05/2015 à 11:56  [réponse]  This font ??

I'm thinking this is custom, rather than a font …

14/05/2015 à 11:13  [réponse]  URGENT font!

Police identifiée : Loki Cola

13/05/2015 à 21:15  [réponse]  SOMEONE KNOW THIS FONT?

Used to ship with Mac OS, but can't find a kosher version of it. If you know someone with an older Mac…

Police identifiée : Marker Felt Thin

13/05/2015 à 21:01  [réponse]  Need Help witht his one

Police identifiée : Sinaloa

12/05/2015 à 21:46  [réponse]  Thompson

Police identifiée : Colonna

12/05/2015 à 20:54  [réponse]  DRILLUMINATI FONT

Police identifiée : XXII Don't mess with Vikings

12/05/2015 à 18:58  [réponse]  Realeza 2013 font?

Scaled and with added FX

Police identifiée : Birch

11/05/2015 à 20:21  [réponse]  Help me with this font!!!

Police identifiée : Darkheart

koeiekat a dit  
fonatica a dit  
Oh yes!


D891-Deco / Durango / Electron - Softmaker
OPTIDynamo - Castcraft
Dyana - URW
Lokomotive - Brendel
November - Fontbank
Dynar - ParaType


11/05/2015 à 20:13  [réponse]  plss


Police identifiée : Haymaker

can we all play?
(or Dynamo)

Police suggérée : Elektromoto

Édité le 11/05/2015 à 18:04 par pilaster

11/05/2015 à 17:52  [réponse]  what font ?

Pretty sure that's Jersey M54, with a little scaling to the 'MALFOY' …

Police identifiée : Jersey M54

10/05/2015 à 21:05  [réponse]  What is this font????????????

Could have started life as this, before fattening up with a stroke and adding distressing and cut up FX …

Police suggérée : Big Noodle Titling

10/05/2015 à 20:57  [réponse]  What font is this ? :)


Police identifiée : Big Noodle Titling

sample too small for my old eyes to tell you I'm afraid …

Arman Ay a dit  
They do look very similar, but I don't think it's either of them. Here's another picture to compare:

The second sample linked is a different font the first posted. (Look at the bottom of the 'M' in your first post, compared to the 'M' in the second.)

or City (some cut thereof …

Police identifiée : Square Slabserif 711 Bold

07/05/2015 à 12:03  [réponse]  GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL FONT?

Police identifiée : Jersey M54

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