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07/06/2015 à 18:00  [réponse]  Tattoo Font Generator Site

kabalweg a dit  

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I make sure that the font I'm using is either commercially available, in public domain or has SIL license. I take time to read the license that comes with it. Can you identify the font that you said is donation ware or is not for commercial use?

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07/06/2015 à 13:42  [réponse]  Tattoo Font Generator Site

I'm no legal expert, but It is my understanding that by including Google Ads, you are profiting from the site directly, so it is entirely possible, that you may be defined as using these fonts for commercial purposes. You need to make sure all the fonts used, that you are to profit from, through the ads on your site are free for commercial use or to follow the terms from the font licences. A brief glance, shows at least one to be donation ware, so for commercial use, my feeling is that you would need the permission of the author, or to make a donation. I hope wiser heads will chip in on this, but my feeling is that you need to VERY carefully read the licences for each font you are using…

05/06/2015 à 14:31  [réponse]  Font Inquiry

Police identifiée : Chocolate Box

The Main font as arbreg17 has pointed out is hand lettered by the Very Talented Mr Smith. Watch the videos on his site, his sign making is just breathtaking.
He has made a font of the credits from 'Born and Raised' here:
Edit: There are also vector scrolls and elements he uses in his designs available to purchase on iStock (link on his site).

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04/06/2015 à 20:35  [réponse]  Cual es este tipo de letra AYUDA

Police identifiée : Sultan Cafe

04/06/2015 à 19:46  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Police identifiée : Compacta Black

04/06/2015 à 13:27  [réponse]  Sabes que fuente es ?

donshottype a dit  
Might not be a font, just ticket numbers.
Nick Shinn's Walburn has somewhat similar numbers.


Looks like a numbering block's handywork to me too. This will give you a similar feel/effect without having to buy a printing press …

Police suggérée : Crash Numbering

04/06/2015 à 12:53  [réponse]  Plis..

Police identifiée : Old Stock

03/06/2015 à 12:28  [réponse]  What font is this?

03/06/2015 à 12:27  [réponse]  What kind of font is this? Thanks!

Police identifiée : Garage Gothic

03/06/2015 à 12:11  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Diavlo

03/06/2015 à 12:06  [réponse]  Cuddly

Police identifiée : Thirsty Script

03/06/2015 à 12:06  [réponse]  Cuddly

Police identifiée : Brandon Grotesque

03/06/2015 à 12:00  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Carnevalee Freakshow

03/06/2015 à 11:56  [réponse]  Help...

Scaled, possibly stroke added …

Police identifiée : Davida

02/06/2015 à 14:15  [réponse]  Cavite

Police identifiée : Boston Truckstyle

31/05/2015 à 21:40  [réponse]  Please help me identify this font.

Police identifiée : New Athletic M54

31/05/2015 à 21:37  [réponse]  Finesse Father font

Additional infos, should you be interested:
The puppet hand glyph is found in this font
Shift+2 on the keyboard

29/05/2015 à 15:49  [réponse]  ID FONT

Police identifiée : Vanilla Whale

29/05/2015 à 14:52  [réponse]  Font

Looks like a modified version of Legend M54 (spurs added to the 'A' and inline FX)

Police identifiée : Legend M54

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