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That's possibly a cut of Serpentine Bold, but image quality so poor it could also be Enter Sansman.

Police suggérée : Serpentine

13/10/2015 à 00:32  [réponse]  Name Of These 2 Fonts?

TOUGH is LHF Euphoria , which has been superseded by V. 2 which isn't the same and I can't find a Kosher link for it.

Police identifiée : Euphoria

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12/10/2015 à 23:08  [réponse]  Help with this font

No worries

12/10/2015 à 23:07  [réponse]  Please help to identify the font

If you zoom right in to the tiny sample, the counters in the 'B', 'A', 'R' and 'D' are open… I think that it's this, scaled (with an & from elsewhere). Find a bigger sample and you may get a 'green' ID…

Police suggérée : Conviction

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12/10/2015 à 22:37  [réponse]  Help with this font

Police identifiée : 1873 Winchester

12/10/2015 à 22:23  [réponse]  Name font?

'Jointhecrew' looks like it started life as this…Modified 'J', scaled, outline/stroke to clip the 'n' and first 'e'.

Police suggérée : Lobster Two Bold Italic

12/10/2015 à 21:54  [réponse]  Can anyone help me on this one.

koeiekat a dit  
Yep, after a horizontal rack treatment.

You can still hear it screaming…

12/10/2015 à 21:47  [réponse]  Can anyone help me on this one.

'Custom Home Builder'

Police identifiée : Kaufman Bold

12/10/2015 à 21:43  [réponse]  Can anyone help me on this one.

My "insight": Heavily modified Ravenscroft… Lots of scaling…

Police identifiée : Ravenscroft

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12/10/2015 à 20:49  [réponse]  100% Free

The read me says this is Freeware, but font infos show that 'Preview & Print Embedding not Allowed'. I don't know if a game or an app can use a font that is restricted other than as a static graphic. It certainly won't embed in a pdf, but game/app development is outside my sphere of experience.
Either contact Fenotype, or take a look at 10:12
or Bronson
which are very similar in a lot of respects, and have specific licensing for embedding in apps.
(Although, to my understanding, and I hope others chip in here, if the use of the font is in a static graphic such as a gif, jpeg or png, a standard desktop licence would be required, that being freeware, in the case of Lakmus. But I'm not a lawyer, so asking the font author is always going to be the safest bet )

12/10/2015 à 01:43  [réponse]  Catchline text font


11/10/2015 à 15:46  [réponse]  Could you Help me please?

Police identifiée : Friz Quadrata Bold

09/10/2015 à 23:49  [réponse]  Black Diamond Bridal

Police identifiée : Algerian

09/10/2015 à 18:42  [réponse]  QUE FONT ES?

Police suggérée : Opificio Bold

Not personal experience, but…
"In Windows 7, you could just right-click on the font file, select Properties then go to the Details tab. "
Check that. If the font is restricted, there is your answer.

09/10/2015 à 16:53  [réponse]  help font!!

Police identifiée : Earwig Factory

09/10/2015 à 16:35  [réponse]  Font alternative? Abode

It's available for purchase here…(although I haven't clicked through to buy it.

I don't use Word, but it is possible that the font you are using does not allow embedding. Some don't. If you have a font manager, like Font Explorer or Suitcase you should be able to find out in the font info section or have a look here:

De Ja Voodoo

Police identifiée : Sanborn Thin

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08/10/2015 à 22:14  [réponse]  Looking for this font

Police identifiée : Agency Bold

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