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10/12/2015 à 01:42  [réponse]  What Is This Font?

OfficialCreeper a dit  
pilaster a dit  
Ross Antique Roman 2

Not the font, sorry.

OK, if you say so. When you find the font it is, be sure to share…

09/12/2015 à 23:21  [réponse]  Font?

Scaled Caps…

Police identifiée : Mazama

09/12/2015 à 00:13  [réponse]  Which font?

Police identifiée : Robo

07/12/2015 à 23:41  [réponse]  What Is This Font?

Police identifiée : Ross Antique Roman 2

07/12/2015 à 21:36  [réponse]  Kamp Oil, Inc. font

Police identifiée : Serpentine Bold Oblique

07/12/2015 à 21:02  [réponse]  EDM

02/12/2015 à 18:07  [réponse]  Circular Monogram Font

koeiekat a dit  
Is the same pilaster ...

No, The Letterhead one is more expensive…

02/12/2015 à 16:43  [réponse]  Circular Monogram Font

13/11/2015 à 22:14  [réponse]  porfavor necesito el nombre

Police identifiée : Legend M54

13/11/2015 à 22:12  [réponse]  porfavor necesito el nombre

''Beard". It's modified, and seems to be lifted from here.

Police identifiée : LHF Desire

Édité le 13/11/2015 à 22:16 par pilaster

You may need to be a bit more specific about what kind of document it is. If it's a Word document, you will need to tell MS Word to embed the font, otherwise, when you open it on another computer, without THAT font installed it will be replaced with a substitute font.
When asking tech questions tho' it is as well to include as much info as possible.
App used to create document and version of said app, OS version of all computers involved, and the name of the font you are having issues with would be the minimum infos to get you a quick resolution to your problem IMHO. If the above doesn't sort you out, post this info and I'm sure someone will be able to find a solution for you

09/11/2015 à 22:12  [réponse]  Civil War Ghosts

for the 'Civil War' part…scaled

Police identifiée : Crown Title

09/11/2015 à 21:45  [réponse]  COMMERCIAL USE FOR PRADAESQUE

"For commercial use of fonts, a nominal donation of the cost of two imported beers is all I suggest for full usage of a single font. Sounds reasonable, right?"
Have you clicked through the Donate button and made a donation? In doing so, you can pass along a message asking for clarification that you are allowed full licence for commercial use of the font, but the above, from the authors profile page seems pretty clear (and perhaps you could prompt them to update their email account at the same time)

07/11/2015 à 13:29  [réponse]  Gangland font

Police identifiée : Pistola

05/11/2015 à 20:27  [réponse]  NP font name?

Police identifiée : Bertram

05/11/2015 à 00:05  [réponse]  font help please

Police identifiée : Dirty Sanchez

01/11/2015 à 22:48  [réponse]  2 Tone Font

Back in the day, when I did prepress/design for flexo printing, we would print white inks onto clear substrates (normally 2 whites), to then allow us to lay down CMYK + Spot colours on the whites, giving clear labels with a design printed on them.

01/11/2015 à 21:17  [réponse]  2 Tone Font

koeiekat a dit  
If it needs layering it is not one font but two (maybe combined into one file).

Too true. Too true, like Frontage or Sutro are 3 or 4 fonts that combine. ( I still think it's easier and gives you more choice of styles if you use FX, rather than stacking fonts)

01/11/2015 à 19:59  [réponse]  2 Tone Font

I assume OP means fonts that can be layered, like this one:
or many of these:
But to be honest, it's normally easier (if you have the minerals) to find a font you like, and add the split tone/ colour with FX. literally 1000s of tuts out there to show you how. There aren't that many fonts that stack, but there are 100s of ways of creating the effect…

Cedar Springs

Police identifiée : Antique Half Block

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