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09/01/2016 à 00:49  [réponse]  anyone knows a font like this??

09/01/2016 à 00:45  [réponse]  name of font?

Heron2001 a dit  
Oh the days of type are gone...

I removed the "italic" lol

The days of purity in type ended with the first copies of Corel Draw, Illustrator and Photochops and it's only set to continue (getting worse or better, depending on your POV). My career started with me putting the phototype setting machine and letterpress type that my employer had replaced with me and a Mac on the recycling truck… a heartbreaking start to ones first day in the business, but so it goes.

09/01/2016 à 00:26  [réponse]  Font of "Herna" ? Heelpp

Sheared manually and scaled.

Police identifiée : Batak Condensed

09/01/2016 à 00:16  [réponse]  2 FONTS


09/01/2016 à 00:16  [réponse]  name of font?

Heron is quite correct. Manually sheared and scaled horizontally… so lets have a green

08/01/2016 à 23:53  [réponse]  Font Name ??

Police identifiée : Black family

08/01/2016 à 23:49  [réponse]  2 FONTS

although similar fonts are available:

Police identifiée : Mesquite

08/01/2016 à 23:47  [réponse]  2 FONTS


Police identifiée : Creampuff

08/01/2016 à 23:26  [réponse]  font

See your other post

Police identifiée : Mesquite

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08/01/2016 à 23:23  [réponse]  help

Police suggérée : High Country

08/01/2016 à 23:22  [réponse]  help

Police suggérée : High Noon

08/01/2016 à 23:22  [réponse]  help

Other cuts… (but the distortion makes a 100% difficult without spending beer drinking time doing an overlay.)

Police suggérée : Black Hawk

06/01/2016 à 23:38  [réponse]  Please Help!!!!!!!

Using alternates

Police identifiée : Phaeton

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30/12/2015 à 21:14  [réponse]  What font is this

Coat Drive

Police identifiée : Signmaker

30/12/2015 à 12:47  [réponse]  Helvetica Bold Oblique

29/12/2015 à 17:26  [réponse]  What Is the Font??

Though which version is impossible to tell on a sample this size (for me!). It could even be this one:

Police suggérée : Copperplate Bold

29/12/2015 à 14:21  [réponse]  What Is the Font??

"FOR DAILY USE" "Nike Skateboarding & Co"

Police identifiée : Billhead 1900

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22/12/2015 à 21:04  [réponse]  Font Help

Police identifiée : Cubano

22/12/2015 à 20:57  [réponse]  Please Font :)

Police identifiée : Allegheny PA

21/12/2015 à 23:20  [réponse]  What is this font?

Been here before.
Props to Khiro:

Police identifiée : Illegal Curves

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