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20/07/2015 à 11:50  [réponse]  Gambit

I'm not sure that isn't Nachtwache … using all caps and some hinky scaling

Police suggérée : Nachtwache

20/07/2015 à 11:42  [réponse]  Font name please

Manually condensed

Police identifiée : God Of War

17/07/2015 à 12:41  [réponse]  What Font???

Edit: plundert already identified this, here,

Police identifiée : Noir-et-Blanc

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15/07/2015 à 10:29  [réponse]  Need this font soon

I (personally) think you are good to go. DaFont listing says 100% free and the licence in the font file says:
"This font is initially released as Freeware. However,
it is NOT placed in the public domain. All protectable
rights are reserved to James Milligan and akaType."
The only stipulations in the licence concern not selling the font or distributing it for profit.
But if you still have worries, you could try Contact:
… the given email in the font file.

11/07/2015 à 17:51  [réponse]  Font on revamp

It bears similarities with this. Could have been the starting point …

Police suggérée : Omen

10/07/2015 à 13:26  [réponse]  Font Name Gesucht !

Police identifiée : Slant

01/07/2015 à 23:22  [réponse]  Apple Font

Police identifiée : Myriad Set

01/07/2015 à 21:33  [réponse]  YOUNG FONT PLEASE

I think it might be the original Euphoria, rather than v. 2, but they seem to have withdrawn it, so maybe the 'Regular ' flavour is going to be a best match.

Police suggérée : LHF Euphoria

01/07/2015 à 15:15  [réponse]  what is this font???

01/07/2015 à 15:10  [réponse]  help please

Police identifiée : Big Noodle Titling

21/06/2015 à 13:08  [réponse]  ??

Police identifiée : Firehouse

21/06/2015 à 13:06  [réponse]  Whats is the font ? Help me!

Police identifiée : Corleone

16/06/2015 à 18:29  [réponse]  Alguien sabe cual es esta fuente?

Police identifiée : Ministry

16/06/2015 à 14:49  [réponse]  Font???

*blink, blink*

Police identifiée : Quarz 974 Light

16/06/2015 à 12:24  [réponse]  fon help me

Police identifiée : Seaside Resort

Might be a glitch with Font Explorer.
I use the old free version (still on 1.2.3.) to manage my fonts. I will generate fresh versions to check metrics and edits and so forth work in other apps on my system, activating and de activating using Font Explorer. Sometimes, I'll delete an old version of a font, from Font Explorer. Load up and activate the new version, and the alts/edits, won't show in Font Explorer until I quit and relaunch. So possibly just a Font Explorer bug?

13/06/2015 à 13:07  [réponse]  Need to know this font! Urgent!

12/06/2015 à 16:49  [réponse]  seeking the font

Police identifiée : Advertisers Gothic Light

12/06/2015 à 11:16  [réponse]  Need to know this font! Urgent!

Custom for 20th C Fox, as far as I can tell. Maybe it will be released at some point …

Police identifiée : El Skeleto

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