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08/03/2015 à 14:30  [réponse]  What font is this?

Clearly modified, rather than a font in it's own right
Possibly started life as Futura
Twentieth Century

Police suggérée : Twentieth Century

08/03/2015 à 13:16  [réponse]  storked, what fornt?

Free part of larger font family here

Police identifiée : Coolvetica

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07/03/2015 à 11:44  [réponse]  FONT OLD

Police identifiée : Phaeton

05/03/2015 à 09:18  [réponse]  Monogram Font Identification Help

Looks like this one (to me)

Police suggérée : Circle Monogram Three White

Have you tried the email address from Ornez's website:
or sending a private message using the Dafont PM system?

03/03/2015 à 11:25  [réponse]  Font Identification

Police identifiée : Aachen Bold

03/03/2015 à 11:22  [réponse]  font name please?

koeiekat a dit  


03/03/2015 à 09:27  [réponse]  loyalty font?

Police identifiée : Hamilton Ornate

27/02/2015 à 14:19  [réponse]  Font Trubble

his may be the author, Got bored and did a bit of Google Archeology… May not be…

27/02/2015 à 09:47  [réponse]  Recognize this font?

You are most welcome

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26/02/2015 à 09:41  [réponse]  Avenue Square

aljddv a dit  
Avenue Square

Need help identifying the font..
Would really appreciate it thank you so much!



Police identifiée : Revue

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26/02/2015 à 09:37  [réponse]  Recognize this font?

Police identifiée : Carolyna Black

26/02/2015 à 09:36  [réponse]  Please help :)

Police identifiée : Peoni

26/02/2015 à 09:23  [réponse]  Does anyone know font?

Police identifiée : Desire

25/02/2015 à 21:04  [réponse]  Monograme

25/02/2015 à 11:41  [réponse]  Monograme

Not sure if you are asking for someone to take artwork you have prepared and make it into a font, asking for someone to design you a monogram font or asking where to find monogram fonts .
If its the latter, all the 'swirly", floral monogram fonts I can think of are to be found here:
or by searching for monograms on here:

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24/02/2015 à 20:54  [réponse]  font identification, please

Police identifiée : Big Noodle Titling

22/02/2015 à 19:36  [réponse]  Vintage Clth co

'V',(1890) 'C' (Lowercase 1900) and the 'Co.' ligature (1890) seem to be a mix of Billheads

Police identifiée : Billhead

22/02/2015 à 19:33  [réponse]  Vintage Clth co

Small Caps look like Hensler (the original, not Hensler 2)

Police identifiée : Hensler

22/02/2015 à 11:36  [réponse]  Font?
Not all are 100% free though, so read the fine print…

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