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A bit more info would be helpful. What apps are you having problems with (Illustrator, Word, Inkscape?)? Is this on Mac OS (as it appears to be) or some other OS? Whatever you use, have you checked that the kerning and/or tracking haven't been set to something odd, which could cause the spacing to be off?

"The fonts don't have an * next to them but are still not recognising them when I import a document."
Can you select and use the fonts in question in a new document in Illustrator? (Are they showing up in the fonts menu in Illustrator and other apps and can you use them?)
If so, have you tried selecting the effected text, changing it to a different font, then changing it back to the original?

It's a cut of this, but is too distorted and faint to tell which

Police identifiée : Arnold Boecklin

16/04/2015 à 12:27  [réponse]  What this Font?


Police identifiée : Anglo Text

16/04/2015 à 11:58  [réponse]  Leffe "apéronomie"

Police identifiée : Wisdom Script

16/04/2015 à 11:55  [réponse]  The HUNDREDS - Font

Police identifiée : Benguiat

14/04/2015 à 20:55  [réponse]  Fonts Please

Police identifiée : Desdemona

Looks like Bank Gothic to me, but a cell Phone pic of a screen isn't the best starting point for an ID…

Police identifiée : Bank Gothic

13/04/2015 à 23:50  [réponse]  Miranda Lambert Tshirt

pretty sure tat's this, with the drop shadow edited out…

Police identifiée : Lost Saloon

Obviously they will need to be installed on the New mac to appear correctly. I find you sometimes need to relaunch Illustrator (CS2-6) to get it to recognise fonts after installing them.
The * next to the font indicates it's not installed or not recognised as being installed.
Have you migrated all your fonts from your old mac to the new one?
How are you managing fonts (Font book, or some third party software?)

13/04/2015 à 20:17  [réponse]  Font??

The 'g' is an alternate…

Police identifiée : A&S Signwriter

13/04/2015 à 12:00  [réponse]  pls font of Pretty Girl

Police identifiée : Hamilton Ornate

09/04/2015 à 15:33  [réponse]  Need help with the "fabrik" font

Police identifiée : Kenyan Coffee

09/04/2015 à 14:39  [réponse]  Whats this guys please

Police identifiée : Aachen

Some similar here. Perhaps the full set are from the full family, here…

Police suggérée : Kidnapped at Old Times

08/04/2015 à 20:14  [réponse]  What is the font??

Police identifiée : Ruritania

08/04/2015 à 17:36  [réponse]  Please help me identify this font

I think that is Edition, with some interesting scaling to make the copy fit a block…

Police suggérée : Edition

05/04/2015 à 21:46  [réponse]  Download link does not work - help!

Both named fonts download OK for me, so as you seem to suspect, your problem would appear to be local.

05/04/2015 à 21:00  [réponse]  Download link does not work - help!

The name of some fonts you have been trying to download might help, so it can be checked to see if the problem is with your system, or a broken link.

28/03/2015 à 20:02  [réponse]  This Font (Interstellar TARS logo)

Possibly this?

Police identifiée : Trade Gothic Bold Extended

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