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18/05/2017 à 14:43  [réponse]  How to tell if fonts match

Drop the 2 into 2 layers in photoshop or similar image editing app and set the transparency of the top layer to 50% or lower so you can see through it to the layer below. Scale the top layer to match the bottom and you should be able to see the differences and or similarities. It's often better to colour one of the layers so you can more accurately spot a match or not.

25/04/2017 à 16:22  [réponse]  Fonts for flyer

Check the individual fonts used in the flyer for their licences. If all are free to use for commercial purposes, you are home free, if not, contact the individual font authors. Naming which fonts are used would get you a more definitive answer.

23/04/2017 à 11:43  [réponse]  ¿What Font iPad Home Screen?

I think the current system font for iOs devices is San Fransisco. The previous default was, I believe, Helvetica Neue.

Police suggérée : San Francisco

10/04/2017 à 20:52  [réponse]  Font Helppp

'KATLIM 05-15' etc.

Police identifiée : Bebas

10/04/2017 à 20:49  [réponse]  Font Helppp

'Turkhiphop' (Heavily modified…)

Police identifiée : MCF Bad Manners WW

10/04/2017 à 20:41  [réponse]  Font Helppp


Police identifiée : Major Jackov

06/04/2017 à 12:46  [réponse]  Font please ?

Looks very much like Savoye, but the '+' (plus) is wrong… perhaps from another font?
edit: The sample posted is set in Savoye LET, a different cut of Savoye from the link posted, which shipped with Mac Appleworks back in the days of yore:

Police identifiée : Savoye

Édité le 06/04/2017 à 13:18 par pilaster

Depending on style you are after, you could do worse than searching MyFonts for stencil+script and have a look see at the results.
This would probably do the trick for a script…

17/03/2017 à 13:05  [réponse]  Font similar to this?

You could probably do something with Latin as a starting point. There are many cuts but this one offers an Elongated which is not 100 miles away from the sample…

Police suggérée : Latin

14/03/2017 à 23:53  [réponse]  URGENT

Police identifiée : Brown
I have CS6 but not CC. As Frd get my email from my profile and I'll have a looksee. If client who's having the issues is on CC however, I probably won't be able to shed much light on the issue as I'm legacy (I prefer to call it retro).

21/02/2017 à 20:22  [réponse]  Font?

Police identifiée : Duke

04/02/2017 à 14:43  [réponse]  THE KINGS BLUE FONT PLEASE

If you mean the one to the right of the illustration with the metallic gradient…

Police identifiée : Ark Monogram SG Right

28/01/2017 à 14:49  [réponse]  Need the Font of the Dj name

Props to Don for already IDing this one.
With some modification (or possibly alternates?)

Police identifiée : Whistler

22/01/2017 à 20:58  [réponse]  What could this font be?

Police identifiée : Elixir

13/01/2017 à 13:21  [réponse]  New font designer.

Hi Nils.
I'm a 'hobbyist' as far as font creation counts, so my software advice is probably best ignored (I use Illustrator to draw the base glyphs and FontForge for everything else). I know I should do the drawing in FontForge, but Illustrator is my 'comfort zone'…
More useful resources to look at (an extensive 'course' in type design) (a whole lot of resources) (a guide to what not to do)
Good luck

11/01/2017 à 14:40  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Billhead

10/01/2017 à 21:32  [réponse]  New font designer.

Hi Nils.
Firstly, how long ago did you submit the font? It's not an immediate process between submission and acceptance, so if it was a recent submission, you may just have to be a little patient. If it's not accepted, it's likely to be a technical issue, rather than an aesthetic reason. I think the admins give feedback when a font is rejected, but someone may want to jump in here to confirm that…
My advice on getting feedback. Firstly friends, family and peers and colleagues. perhaps to seek critiques of your work in progress. If you do submit for a critique, just basic upper and lowercase glyphs and numerals. Maybe also for critiques.
Also a rigorous self testing regime. Generate and install the font yourself and test it to destruction in every app it's likely to be used in (Word, Pages, InDesign, Illustrator, PS etc).
I've found this very useful; for testing metrics and so forth online at a glance (without the hassle of installing).
You could post here for critiques and queries, but remember, if you have a tech query, be clear about the software you are using (Glyphs, FontLab, Fontforge etc.) so peeps can help if they can.

08/01/2017 à 18:51  [réponse]  Can anyone help

Police identifiée : Planet Kosmos

05/01/2017 à 14:32  [réponse]  JOHN SMITH

Police identifiée : Franchise

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