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That wouldn't be 'personal use', of course. But if a font is listed as 'completely free', then it should be fine.

Well, Turtles is mine, and I can way with 100 percent certain that I did that one from scratch based on the old TMNT cartoon.

Yes, but he's right, and it should be obvious. "Non-profit" does not automatically exclude "commercial use". As soon as you send material to the public at large, it's NON-PERSONAL USE. That really shouldn't be that hard of a concept, but these forums are filled with people trying to say "but that doesn't apply to ME, right?" If you're asking, then it probably totally DOES apply to you.

11/06/2015 à 00:13  [réponse]  Volter (Goldfish) - 100% FREE?

OP, try out one of my Pixel fonts (Pixel Coleco is pretty close to what you're looking for) and it's 100 percent free, even for commercial use.

17/05/2015 à 22:37  [réponse]  Commercial use

No, if they say 'how much do you want to pay' it generally means that they'll accept any payment as a donation for commercial use. Send along what you can to support him.

15/05/2015 à 00:55  [réponse]  Borderlands 2 interface font

Happyer.. you would be wrong. Game companies, even 2K games, use free resources all the time. Fonts included.

Jayrickard, that's a little trickier. "Donationware" can either mean "It's free but I would appreciate your support", or mean "you can use this, but to use it commercially you must send me some money." Again, if you're not sure, contact the author. (And suggest that he update his readme file to be more clear.)

Non-personal or any commercial use is ANY use of the font meant for the general public. Money does NOT have to change hands. Your own web-page that's primarily meant for friends and family is still personal use ... if it's primarily meant for the world to see, it's non-personal.

22/04/2015 à 22:47  [réponse]  Kraash Not working correctly in Word

And some of my fonts ran into that on the Mac version even though four different font-editing programs showed that they were indeed calculated correctly. This doesn't happen in Office for Windows, though, it's uniquely a Mac encoding issue.

So, on that note, the lovely and talented Dr. Cox has a song for you:

22/04/2015 à 19:49  [réponse]  Kraash Not working correctly in Word

Thank you for that one

As for the ascender and descender problems, the problem isn't (necessarily) within the font, but how fonts are handled on the Mac side. In other words, it's the software, not the font. In this particular case, the metrics ARE insanely wrong, but they should be mis-scaling the fonts into tiny little things rather than chopping off the tops and bottoms. Bad font is bad, but Mac/Office appears to be worse.

22/04/2015 à 16:44  [réponse]  Kraash Not working correctly in Word

First of all, Kraash isn't my font. Not remotely sure why you assumed that it was.

Second, the problem is that the naming convention change causes bad data to load for the ascenders and descenders.. they're set up right in the font, but the Mac's reading issue gives bad data in these fields. It's a problem with the new updates with the Mac and NOT NECESSARILY indicative with any issue on a given font.

Didn't it seem odd to you that dozens of fonts on dafont just stopped being Mac friendly ALL AT ONCE, and from a variety of authors?

You're wrong here, Kat. Deal with it.

22/04/2015 à 15:10  [réponse]  Kraash Not working correctly in Word

Actually, Koeikat, I've looked into this issue. Apparently it's a Mac thing, caused by their changing the OpenType naming conventions on their own, resulting in some misreads of the font headers - screwing everything up. So I'm afraid that it's not these fonts and font authors that are the culprit... but Apple. The metrics in the fonts are set right, but Apple's change screw up the reads.

So you pretty much owe a shitload of people an apology.

Sadly, having researched this for koiekat's assault on me, it looks like Macs now have an incompatibility issue when bringing in certain fonts made on Windows machine, causing some serious issues. Still trying to find a workaround.

21/04/2015 à 22:03  [réponse]  Kraash Not working correctly in Word

Again, can you clarify 'it can never be usable on a Mac' into something meaningful and useful? You're apparently saying that a lot but are providing absolutely no insight as to WHY that is the case.

Not a font. This one is hand-drawn. (Not the differences between the two U's and two E's. There may be a font made from this somewhere, though, but it won't match exactly.

Want to see his heart stop when you tell him how much Illustrator is?

03/10/2014 à 23:24  [réponse]  Does a logo count as commercial use ?

Meta, I was only trying to explain the point of 'commercial use' not necessarily meaning 'cash exchanged'. A lot of people don't understand that distinction - and it CAN bite some people on the ass if they cross the line with a particularly nasty resource creator. Generally speaking, I wouldn't care about such use - but I admit when I see my fonts used HEAVILY for similar purposes on sites where guys sell pictures... I get a little irked.

02/10/2014 à 17:24  [réponse]  Does a logo count as commercial use ?

Melon, you don't have to actually make money to be a 'commercial use'. That's a misnomer a lot of people have. If you're redistributing to the public at large, it's commercial. So if it's more than for friends and family, you'll want to check in with the font producer to see if it's kosher to use it. Really, though, most fonts you'll find on this site are more than affordable - give up a little coin and save yourself hassle.

Generally font-designers are generous when it comes to non-profits, but I wouldn't take that as gospel. I handle non-profits on a case-by-case base, and then generally only give a break to actual charitable organizations. If there's ever any doubt, always ask.

22/08/2014 à 19:51  [réponse]  How long?

I guess I can say one thing.. most countries have the good sense to be embarrassed by their idiots and assholes. Americans make them into television programming...

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