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Not a font. This one is hand-drawn. (Not the differences between the two U's and two E's. There may be a font made from this somewhere, though, but it won't match exactly.

Want to see his heart stop when you tell him how much Illustrator is?

03/10/2014 à 23:24  [réponse]  Does a logo count as commercial use ?

Meta, I was only trying to explain the point of 'commercial use' not necessarily meaning 'cash exchanged'. A lot of people don't understand that distinction - and it CAN bite some people on the ass if they cross the line with a particularly nasty resource creator. Generally speaking, I wouldn't care about such use - but I admit when I see my fonts used HEAVILY for similar purposes on sites where guys sell pictures... I get a little irked.

02/10/2014 à 17:24  [réponse]  Does a logo count as commercial use ?

Melon, you don't have to actually make money to be a 'commercial use'. That's a misnomer a lot of people have. If you're redistributing to the public at large, it's commercial. So if it's more than for friends and family, you'll want to check in with the font producer to see if it's kosher to use it. Really, though, most fonts you'll find on this site are more than affordable - give up a little coin and save yourself hassle.

Generally font-designers are generous when it comes to non-profits, but I wouldn't take that as gospel. I handle non-profits on a case-by-case base, and then generally only give a break to actual charitable organizations. If there's ever any doubt, always ask.

22/08/2014 à 19:51  [réponse]  How long?

I guess I can say one thing.. most countries have the good sense to be embarrassed by their idiots and assholes. Americans make them into television programming...

22/08/2014 à 00:46  [réponse]  How long?

And, not really. Tourists, Hollywood, and the internet are NOT good measures of what Americans are like. You see the most spoiled and entitled of us and they're presented as representative of EVERYONE here.

But it could be a lot worse. Could be Spain.

21/08/2014 à 22:39  [réponse]  Nothings working

I don't think it's a matter of 'can' so much as it being a matter of 'want'.

21/08/2014 à 22:39  [réponse]  Book Two: Spirits Font?

Holy crap that's expensive. No wonder people wanted me to make it...

21/08/2014 à 22:38  [réponse]  How long?

I blame Obama.

21/08/2014 à 22:17  [réponse]  Book Two: Spirits Font?

I've made a version of this one, largely for Bioware fans (the new Dragon Age uses this a lot in its advertiing). I uploaded it here, but the vacation period got it lost in the shuffle.

Police suggérée : Inquisition

Édité le 22/08/2014 à 11:10 par drf

21/08/2014 à 22:11  [réponse]  How long?

Per hour, maybe, and it's not that much of an advantage... but France has so fewer hours... It also doesn't help that since 2008, our slowdown has turned into a quagmire. :S

20/08/2014 à 20:01  [réponse]  How long?

Amusingly, a few years ago the French government put out a study that said French workers were not as productive as American workers. The response? More than a few worker's unions in France went on strike in protest...

20/08/2014 à 06:04  [réponse]  Sorcerian logo font

Not a font. Heavily modified from a 'source' font, with a lot of added flourishes and detailing. A font from it would have to be custom made.

20/08/2014 à 00:19  [réponse]  How long?

I thought France had a 30 minute workday, on Tuesdays.. and that's it?

19/08/2014 à 21:06  [réponse]  How long?

Actually, Kat, if they're paying you to be AWAY from them for 11 weeks...

19/08/2014 à 18:19  [réponse]  How long?

July and August seem to be vacation months for DaFont, and there hasn't been a lot of updates for anyone, accordingly. Just try to be patient, or take the opportunity to improve your font in the meantime.

12/08/2014 à 02:57  [réponse]  Worst font ever?

Geronimo, you're not in a position to really diss anyone when it comes to fonts, considering yours goes from awful to a few acceptable ones, and most of those use an online font creation tool and are unrefined. What do you think you're trying to accomplish?

11/08/2014 à 19:35  [réponse]  Worst font ever?

You had to know that was coming...

06/08/2014 à 18:33  [réponse]  Need to Embed Fonts in PDF

You know, going on to a site dominated by font creators, giving us all the middle fingers, assuming we're all rich millionaires out to gouge you, and demanding to be able to pirate fonts because '$30' is just too damn much money for you is NOT likely to endear you to anyone here.

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