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12/07/2014 à 00:23  [réponse]  "Personal Usage"

I have to ask, since I get this question a LOT and it really has started to bug me a bit...
How... how would you possibly think that you could?

30/06/2014 à 21:11  [réponse]  "BIRDS OF PREY" font?

This version is definitely my Sharp Avienne, which hasn't made it up here yet.

Police identifiée : Sharp Avienne

Vinz, no violation at all unless someone calls it 'Prada' or something. You can legally recreate a typeface (from scratch, not copying data, naturally) without stomping on any LEGAL rights.

The 'P' is modified from what looks like Eurostyle Heavy.

Police suggérée : Eurostile Heavy

Édité le 17/09/2013 à 09:42 par drf

Ugh.. doing work for a 'client', even if it's not for monetary compensation, is NOT personal use. As soon as work is for OTHER PEOPLE outside of immediate/close family or a closed-circle of friends (IE, the public at large) it's no longer personal use.

03/09/2013 à 19:37  [post initial]  Duplicate Font

Just trying to give a head's up: My "Adventure Subtitles" is a duplicate font superseded two years ago by LeBeouf and should be deleted. Could an admin get to that sometime please? K', thanks!

18/08/2013 à 18:43  [réponse]  Similar fonts to 'Pacifico'

So something round but square? Hard but soft? Blue, but also kinda orange?

18/08/2013 à 18:42  [réponse]  Looking a fonts to make gearwheel

Without being more specific, I'll just recommend mine: . Otherwise, the basic 'wingdings' fonts will have a few buried in all their symbols.

16/08/2013 à 01:39  [réponse]  Fonts not 'installing'

A bad connection can screw up a CRC on any file, so you just get a corrupted ZIP file (as in, it's a garbage file that happens to have the ZIP extension). It'll create the file, name it, and then screw it up, even if it's tiny.

09/08/2013 à 19:28  [réponse]  Font's copyright.

Maybe, but it really sounded more like he was asking "If I alter a font by just rescanning it, is it mine then?" And the answer to that, of course, is NO.

09/08/2013 à 18:06  [réponse]  Font's copyright.

Sorry, but your information is not only 'unreliable', it's completely and utterly full of crap.

07/08/2013 à 17:51  [réponse]  Full color bitmap fonts? photofont?

Yep, multi-color fonts are part of the 'new thing'... I haven't done any yet, as I'm not sure how much demand there really is for them for the time being.. or even how to classify them.

04/08/2013 à 06:05  [réponse]  give me font on my mail ID

What, our resident hateful kitty hasn't commented on THIS one? Practically has his name on it...

15/07/2013 à 16:07  [réponse]  Typeface texture for film Thor

Photoshop layer effects.

For this specific example, use a chrome/steel texture for the 'fill', a couple of pixels for a bevel, red outer glow, and add a little bit of 'white airbrushing' to the layer to brighten up points of the logo. Fairly simple and straight-forward.

Erm.. sure.. just start here, then ...

Define "Futuristic", and what's the store name? That would help a bit.

... how do I lose that whole 'poor man's' bit? ...

I'm afraid you're permanently stuck with them. Every document, from now on, must have at least some Hiragana in it, no matter what you write.


You guys wound me!

12/06/2013 à 19:27  [réponse]  Is this legal???

Commercial use includes any redistribution of images outside of your PERSONAL use. So, no, if you're using them and making album covers for other people, you're doing a commercial use, even if you're not charging for them. (IE, it's one thing to give one to a friend, it's a whole 'nother thing to give them to thousands of people over the internet.)

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