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28/07/2014 à 19:46  [réponse]  fonts for videos?

"I want to make money using my font".... that's NOT personal use. Pretty cut and dried, there.

24/07/2014 à 23:28  [réponse]  SANELMA FONT!

It's next to your 'free car' auto-store, across the street from your 'free combo meal' McDonald's.

You do realize you're asking to pirate someone's work on a site that very likely has the guy who made the font, right?

I do admit, I'm a little frustrated by this downtime myself, as I got a poop-load of updates and new fonts which don't seem to be going anywhere. Is there any word on when this backlog will be cleared up?

12/07/2014 à 00:23  [réponse]  "Personal Usage"

I have to ask, since I get this question a LOT and it really has started to bug me a bit...
How... how would you possibly think that you could?

30/06/2014 à 21:11  [réponse]  "BIRDS OF PREY" font?

This version is definitely my Sharp Avienne, which hasn't made it up here yet.

Police identifiée : Sharp Avienne

Vinz, no violation at all unless someone calls it 'Prada' or something. You can legally recreate a typeface (from scratch, not copying data, naturally) without stomping on any LEGAL rights.

The 'P' is modified from what looks like Eurostyle Heavy.

Police suggérée : Eurostile Heavy

Édité le 17/09/2013 à 09:42 par drf

Ugh.. doing work for a 'client', even if it's not for monetary compensation, is NOT personal use. As soon as work is for OTHER PEOPLE outside of immediate/close family or a closed-circle of friends (IE, the public at large) it's no longer personal use.

03/09/2013 à 19:37  [post initial]  Duplicate Font

Just trying to give a head's up: My "Adventure Subtitles" is a duplicate font superseded two years ago by LeBeouf and should be deleted. Could an admin get to that sometime please? K', thanks!

18/08/2013 à 18:43  [réponse]  Similar fonts to 'Pacifico'

So something round but square? Hard but soft? Blue, but also kinda orange?

18/08/2013 à 18:42  [réponse]  Looking a fonts to make gearwheel

Without being more specific, I'll just recommend mine: . Otherwise, the basic 'wingdings' fonts will have a few buried in all their symbols.

16/08/2013 à 01:39  [réponse]  Fonts not 'installing'

A bad connection can screw up a CRC on any file, so you just get a corrupted ZIP file (as in, it's a garbage file that happens to have the ZIP extension). It'll create the file, name it, and then screw it up, even if it's tiny.

09/08/2013 à 19:28  [réponse]  Font's copyright.

Maybe, but it really sounded more like he was asking "If I alter a font by just rescanning it, is it mine then?" And the answer to that, of course, is NO.

09/08/2013 à 18:06  [réponse]  Font's copyright.

Sorry, but your information is not only 'unreliable', it's completely and utterly full of crap.

07/08/2013 à 17:51  [réponse]  Full color bitmap fonts? photofont?

Yep, multi-color fonts are part of the 'new thing'... I haven't done any yet, as I'm not sure how much demand there really is for them for the time being.. or even how to classify them.

04/08/2013 à 06:05  [réponse]  give me font on my mail ID

What, our resident hateful kitty hasn't commented on THIS one? Practically has his name on it...

15/07/2013 à 16:07  [réponse]  Typeface texture for film Thor

Photoshop layer effects.

For this specific example, use a chrome/steel texture for the 'fill', a couple of pixels for a bevel, red outer glow, and add a little bit of 'white airbrushing' to the layer to brighten up points of the logo. Fairly simple and straight-forward.

Erm.. sure.. just start here, then ...

Define "Futuristic", and what's the store name? That would help a bit.

... how do I lose that whole 'poor man's' bit? ...

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