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25/03/2013 à 03:35  [réponse]  Identify these fonts?

The font is Myriad Pro Bold. It is a per-installed font for PCs and Macs.

Police suggérée : Myriad Pro Bold

25/03/2013 à 03:19  [réponse]  Font?

The font is Gotham Light.

Police suggérée : Gotham Light

19/08/2012 à 00:28  [post initial]  font help

26/07/2012 à 07:44  [post initial]  font help

any ideas on the font?

15/07/2012 à 00:00  [réponse]  font help?

Thank you!

14/07/2012 à 23:45  [post initial]  font help?

04/07/2012 à 22:33  [réponse]  what's this font?

That's it! Thank you!

15/06/2012 à 02:35  [post initial]  Font Help

Anyone know this font?

27/04/2012 à 16:40  [réponse]  font help

Thank you!

27/04/2012 à 16:34  [post initial]  font help

04/04/2012 à 03:14  [réponse]  font help

Thank you very much.

04/04/2012 à 02:58  [post initial]  font help

25/03/2012 à 19:23  [post initial]  what's this font?

25/03/2012 à 06:22  [post initial]  what's this font?

05/03/2012 à 13:01  [post initial]  what's this font?

Please help identify this font.

25/11/2011 à 18:56  [réponse]  Font?

Police suggérée : Superla

09/01/2011 à 01:00  [réponse]  What is this font?

thank you

08/01/2011 à 17:34  [post initial]  What is this font?

I've been looking for this font or a while and can't figure out what it is. please help.

28/12/2010 à 23:20  [réponse]  Help identify font

It looks really close to Danube, although the Capital letters look to be slightly off.

Police identifiée : Danube

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