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19/03/2016 à 13:40  [post initial]  Looking for these fonts,

Hi there,

Looking for these fonts from the Rubber Duck's truck in the movie Convoy.

04/09/2015 à 22:28  [post initial]  Sochi

Hi there

I'm looking for this font? Can anyone help me.

Best regards

22/06/2015 à 09:05  [post initial]  Looking for these or similar fonts

i there,

I'm looking for these fonts used for the new Alfa Romeo 4C.

05/05/2015 à 18:20  [post initial]  Please help... Cocio font

Hi there,

Any who know this or a similar font for it?

Best regards

Looking for this font or a similar for it....

Best regards to all font-lovers ;o)

Hi there,

Im looking for this font McDonalds used for a while ago in there I'm lovin' it and now at there McCafé.
Could some one help me to identify this?

I not quite sure, but I was for years ago I got a font called Barista, but I don't know if its the right one.
Because I can't find the font any longer.

Cheers mate and a wonderful day to all of you.

Hi there - Could some one please help me to identify this font?
Any similar fonts are welcome. But I'm looking for the special "g".

Hope some on can help me.

10/12/2014 à 22:48  [post initial]  I also need help for this one

Hi there, I'm looking for this font... Hope that some one can identify it.

10/12/2014 à 22:48  [post initial]  Please help me...

Hi there, I'm looking for this font... Hope that some one can identify it.

10/12/2014 à 09:44  [réponse]  VOLVO TRUCKS KOENIGSEGG font

Hi there,

You will find more information about Volvos typographic guidelines at the link:
The font you are looking for is called "VolvoBroad"

Police identifiée : Volvo Broad

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Hi there fellows

'm looking the identify of this font. Hope you can help me.

Best regards

18/08/2014 à 23:11  [post initial]  Hi there - Looking for this font

Hi there,

Can someone help me to identify this font?

05/05/2014 à 07:08  [réponse]  Help with font

Please check the link for more info.


Police suggérée : Helvetica Neue Extended Light

Hi there,

I'm looking for this or a similar font for this DESIGN.

I would be very happy with all my love to you, if you can help me.

Cheers mates

23/04/2014 à 11:37  [post initial]  The Tican font

Hi there,

Looking for this font - hope that someone can help me

cheers and have a lovely day

No one ???

Hi there mates

I'm looking for a close similar font for the Volvo "V40" emblem.
Any one how have an idea for a font?

Looking forward for any ideas and suggestions


20/03/2014 à 08:49  [post initial]  Looking for the font for this "R"

Hi there,

I'm looking for this font for this "R" font.

Cheers mate

24/01/2014 à 23:10  [post initial]  The Hansi font

Hi there,

I'm looking for name of the "Hansi" type. Please let me know, if you know it.

Cheers mates

Hi there,

Is there some one who know these 3 fonts Volvo uses for these 3 typographies for GLOBETROTTER for their trucks? (the numbers 1,2 and 3)

I hope some one can help me.

Best regards to every one.

Mister Advizer

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