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07/12/2016 à 11:13  [post initial]  What is this sans-serif font?


29/06/2014 à 17:40  [réponse]  What is this font Google uses?

Open Sans

Police identifiée : Open Sans

21/06/2014 à 17:55  [réponse]  Serif ID...

Clarendon? any Egyptian serif

Police suggérée : Clarendon

21/06/2014 à 17:51  [réponse]  What font is used


Police suggérée : Helvetica

08/03/2014 à 16:36  [réponse]  Looking for Faizal Reza

google may help

What kind of font do people right here like most?
there some theme that having greater downloads than other and vice versa.

05/03/2014 à 23:13  [réponse]  How many fonts can i upload?

telling problems of fonts that rejected probably good but tiring

01/02/2014 à 16:32  [réponse]  font?

Police identifiée : Echinos Park Script

Police suggérée : Arial

Édité le 02/02/2014 à 13:41 par drf

01/02/2014 à 16:26  [post initial]  How to write EULA?

Hi people,

I have some donors that want an EULA for the font they going to use. I have no idea to create one. Please help me, give me the example.


01/02/2014 à 16:20  [réponse]  Font?

TW Cen

Police suggérée : Twentieth Century

Édité le 01/02/2014 à 16:35 par khiro

01/02/2014 à 16:19  [réponse]  Fantasy Feud

Might be Myriad

Police suggérée : Myriad

Édité le 02/02/2014 à 12:56 par drf

01/02/2014 à 16:19  [réponse]  Font name? please.

Police identifiée : Helvetica

Édité le 02/02/2014 à 12:59 par drf

31/10/2013 à 23:53  [réponse]  Help me

sepertinya bahasa inggrisnya skripsi ga gitu deh bang haha

31/10/2013 à 23:49  [réponse]  Any alternative of this font..!!!


I wonder how people here can modify display text on their fonts. Thanks


28/07/2013 à 09:21  [post initial]  Modify Display Picture

I am type designer. The Display picture of my fonts always appear as the same as the font's name.
Some people can modify them. How to do that?

Thank youuuu~

21/07/2013 à 07:42  [réponse]  Ligature not Performed?

Ouch, already then. But how they can make such beautiful and complex display image in their font?

16/07/2013 à 12:26  [post initial]  Ligature not Performed?

I have fonts that contain ligature(s), but in the display view in this site, it won't appear. Anyone can help me?

25/08/2011 à 09:04  [réponse]  An Indonesian Band font Please?

yeah, they do know. How about the font?

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