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Police suggérée : Zapf Chancery Italic

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C'est un effet 'contour' que le logiciel donne au texte.

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11/11/2014 à 15:25  [réponse]  Chiffres sans courbes

10/11/2014 à 18:53  [réponse]  Wedding Invitation

C alternate of Bickham Pro:

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10/11/2014 à 17:45  [réponse]  Wedding Invitation

Police identifiée : Bickham Script

La réponse de l'auteur est d'acheter la version Pro.

It's not version French and English but version mac and pc.

08/11/2014 à 18:16  [réponse]  Help Appreciated :)

It is not a font.

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I open with Typelight
I delete the glyphs 'demo'
Save as Candlescript Demo
It's ok.

Problem with Fontlab

[WARNING] <CandlescriptDemoVersion> The feature file OS/2 overrides TypoAscender and TypoDescender do not sum to the font em-square.

Because embeddable = Printable Document ... instead Editable Document

Problem of name and kern table.

Police identifiée : Myriad

no download

Typography by Liz Dresner

06/11/2014 à 15:51  [réponse]  Bleeding Cowboys Font

JayRey a dit  
if I format text digitally using a font, have it printed, and then trace the text onto signs for paid artwork, must I purchase a license to use the font/typeface?

If you download a stolen or "pirated" font and the owner discovers it, you may be guilty of copyright "infringement." If so, you may have to pay the owner money damages, and maybe even turnover any profits you made by using the fonts.

04/11/2014 à 22:18  [réponse]  Any ideas?

Police suggérée : Razie Shadow

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02/11/2014 à 14:26  [réponse]  Does anyone know what font??

Police identifiée : Bauer Bodoni Black Italic

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