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Problem of name and kern table.

Police identifiée : Myriad

no download

Typography by Liz Dresner

06/11/2014 à 15:51  [réponse]  Bleeding Cowboys Font

JayRey a dit  
if I format text digitally using a font, have it printed, and then trace the text onto signs for paid artwork, must I purchase a license to use the font/typeface?

If you download a stolen or "pirated" font and the owner discovers it, you may be guilty of copyright "infringement." If so, you may have to pay the owner money damages, and maybe even turnover any profits you made by using the fonts.

04/11/2014 à 22:18  [réponse]  Any ideas?

Police suggérée : Razie Shadow

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02/11/2014 à 14:26  [réponse]  Does anyone know what font??

Police identifiée : Bauer Bodoni Black Italic

No: 1,8,13,14,19,34,36,80,214,216,... fait ton choix.

Modern is a general term for faces draw with greater precision and greater contrast between thick and thin strokes than the earlier Old ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨style faces. The trend began with work of Bodoni and Didot the latter part of the eighteeth century: modern faces derived from Bodoni.

The Scotch foundry of Alexander Wilson & Son at Glasgow before 1833. The modern adaptation of the face was first made in 1903 by the foundry of A.D.Farmer & Son.

Police suggérée : Scotch Modern

30/10/2014 à 14:53  [réponse]  What's this font ?

Des reste de chŔvre

Police identifiée : Pluto

27/10/2014 à 14:19  [réponse]  Urgence

Police identifiée : Cancellaresca Script

25/10/2014 à 18:24  [réponse]  Need to match this font

2 fonts
Rivers - Times New Roman Italic

Police suggérée : Times New Roman

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25/10/2014 à 15:50  [réponse]  whats the font? ty!

Police identifiée : Pistilli Roman

24/10/2014 à 04:58  [réponse]  This Font...

23/10/2014 à 04:35  [réponse]  QUEENSBRIDGE

BasÚe sur Souvenir

Police suggérée : Souvenir

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22/10/2014 à 19:24  [réponse]  speedhunters kanji logo

Police identifiée : Sloop

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