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30/08/2016 à 01:45  [réponse]  Trying to find SamsungFluid!

30/08/2016 à 00:42  [réponse]  Font Help

Police suggérée : Ballantines Script

24/08/2016 à 19:53  [réponse]  Looking to find this font

Police identifiée : Barbie

What is the width ?

Not a font

Laquelle ?
Platimun -> Aachen

Police identifiée : Aachen

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Typesgal a dit  
Not sure what you mean by 'changing as you use it' but if I think right that can be an Opentype font with contectual alternates and/or contectual ligatures features. These kind of fonts contain multiple variations for letters and ligatures and use them variably throughout the text. In other words you get different looks for the same letters. Be aware that bringing these features live requires a software that supports them.

Import .svg sur Inkscape pour Axidraw

08/08/2016 à 22:37  [réponse]  Font?

Police suggérée : Toledo Serial ExtraBold

06/08/2016 à 21:47  [réponse]  What's this font?

Police identifiée : Chopin Script

Most fonts (e.g., truetype, opentype) can be used.

Open Inkscape (Illustrator)
From the File menu, select Document Properties.
Set units to pixels (px) and document dimensions to 1000 x 1000, click OK
Or if your font has a different number of units per em use that, but 1000 is fontforge's default)
Set a horizontal guide at 200px
Use this as your baseline.
Draw a glyph - the hardest part! :-)
Save the drawing as an SVG file
Open FontForge
From the File menu, select Import, chose SVG, find your drawing, click OK
From the Element menu select Transform, set the Y value to -200, click OK

Make a rectangle

29/07/2016 à 23:20  [réponse]  que fuente es?

Police identifiée : Chopin Script

06/07/2016 à 20:16  [réponse]  Please !

Police identifiée : Pierrot

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