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Police identifiée : Jenna Sue

21/09/2014 à 17:46   What font?

Police identifiée : Matrix Script

21/09/2014 à 12:19   Ever seen this?

Police identifiée : Reina

Police identifiée : DecoCaps

This is not one font but a mix. For the second N have a look at the SchmutzICG. I leave it to others to go for each and every letter in this mess. Not worth my time.

Police identifiée : Schmutz

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Police identifiée : Fontasia V2.0: The Revenge

20/09/2014 à 16:26   celtic font

This one has many names out there, amongst those Stonehenge. The S or s, however does not match with any of those fonts.
The g and s initials in this sample are not a font. Fonts are monochrome. By definition.

Police identifiée : Stonehenge

20/09/2014 à 12:17   Please Help

Made with the Cooper Black, condensed. Notice the third a is different from the first two.

Police identifiée : Cooper

Police identifiée : Quixley

19/09/2014 à 18:40   Font Find

A mix between the styles ...

Police identifiée : Desire

19/09/2014 à 17:38   Font on Kid&Coe

Police identifiée : Brandon Grotesque Black

Police identifiée : FT Anchor Yard

Three for P and M, One for the rest.

Police identifiée : Zapfino Extra

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19/09/2014 à 12:40   Eric Costley

Police identifiée : Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting

19/09/2014 à 11:11   Font?????

This is a heavily vertically stretched Marker (Fontbank 1990). Also known as Albert (WSI 1993) and Accent (Brendel Informatik 1992[?]).

Just found a link to the Accent, the Softmaker Brendel clone. By all means on Myfonts.

Police identifiée : Accent

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19/09/2014 à 10:54   what font

Police identifiée : United Sans Bold

18/09/2014 à 15:36   Typo "elegance"


Police identifiée : Caviar Dreams

Police identifiée : Anglican Text

Modified Kitsu, smoothed.

Police identifiée : Kitsu

Police identifiée : Friz Quadrata

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