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02/04/2015 à 22:00  [réponse]  please help me identify this font

Police identifiée : Porter Sans Block

02/04/2015 à 21:37  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Sand

02/04/2015 à 21:03  [réponse]  similar font

The Narkisim I have has a strange error in the lower case a. The on-curve node at X290 Y418 should be off-curve and be moved to Z390 to make that a fit with the other characters.

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02/04/2015 à 20:46  [réponse]  similar font

As you are on Windows 7 you should have Narkisim, a system font which has a basic Latin character set.

02/04/2015 à 19:54  [réponse]  Fonts?

Police identifiée : UCU Charles Script

02/04/2015 à 19:09  [réponse]  hardcore - font?

Police identifiée : Seedy Motel

02/04/2015 à 17:36  [réponse]  similar font

Many non-latin fonts also have a latin character set which can be used with a latin keyboard and the correct keyboard settings. I don't know whether Fontbit has also done that but it might be worthwhile asking them.

02/04/2015 à 16:03  [réponse]  Please identify font from Picsart

Six Caps, lowercase, elongated to almost 170%.

Menhir, there are three Bea Beth variations. The normal, the C and the R. All three from Fontsforpeas.

02/04/2015 à 13:42  [réponse]  PLEASE!!! Font of Line Up???

Police identifiée : Foundry Gridnik

02/04/2015 à 13:02  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Biloxi Script

02/04/2015 à 10:57  [réponse]  Que fuente es??

Aka Anson, DS Standart and Sonne.

Police identifiée : Aase

02/04/2015 à 10:43  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Chicago House

01/04/2015 à 23:01  [réponse]  KAPPA DELTA

Maybe fonatica but I see too many different S'es and so.
A less shity image may prove you right.

01/04/2015 à 22:23  [réponse]  KAPPA DELTA

Try to focus when making a photo. And while doing so try to stand right on front of the subject. Also, a proper camera with a proper and good quality lens may help. Not one of these things with a piece of plastic that act as a lens.

No clue what you are talking about. Try to write with proper punctuation. Put capitals where they belong, periods where they belong, spaces where they belong.
As you do now it is like writing with black ink on black paper.

01/04/2015 à 12:39  [réponse]  What is this font?

Police identifiée : Nyala

01/04/2015 à 11:39  [réponse]  Urvashi Font

Police identifiée : Miss Lankfort

01/04/2015 à 11:33  [réponse]  Font identification

Police identifiée : Angelina

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