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16/08/2015 à 13:50  [réponse]  Can you recognize these two fonts?

Last alternate b.

Police identifiée : Bickham Script

Édité le 16/08/2015 à 13:51 par koeiekat

16/08/2015 à 13:21  [réponse]  Camren font? please

AKA Janna.

Police identifiée : Janna

16/08/2015 à 12:37  [réponse]  "DIVYA" font name ?

Police identifiée : Paulinho Pedra Azul

16/08/2015 à 12:09  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Reenie Beanie

16/08/2015 à 12:06  [réponse]  pliko font


Police suggérée : Bookman Old Style

16/08/2015 à 11:48  [réponse]  What's this font?

Probably a modified R but here is something similar.

Police suggérée : Streetvertising Public

16/08/2015 à 11:40  [réponse]  What's this font?

Police identifiée : P22 Bayer Universal

15/08/2015 à 21:07  [réponse]  sat

DilleniaUPC, Serifa, Gleeson, Glypha, Installation Light, OPTIGleam-Light, Savanne, Courier New Narrow, Fakt Slab, Napoleon-Light ... any of these will do the job after some pushing and pulling. The first one you have as it is a system font. The last one is here on dafont.

Police identifiée : Napoleon

15/08/2015 à 20:41  [réponse]  Identify this font please

Police identifiée : Proxima Nova Soft

15/08/2015 à 20:32  [réponse]  SchnucklPutzi font?

Police identifiée : Single Sleeve

15/08/2015 à 19:51  [réponse]  font name please

And another counterfeit medicine packaging can be made

15/08/2015 à 18:50  [réponse]  FONT PLEASE!!!

15/08/2015 à 17:25  [réponse]  font name please

I could but I won't. I have something against counterfeit products and very much so when it comes to medicine.

15/08/2015 à 17:19  [réponse]  font name please

nur_0909 a dit  
i don't understand what do you want to say??? i need font name !

We don't want fake medicine in a well known box.

15/08/2015 à 17:09  [réponse]  Alguém conhece esta fonte?

This is the Miserably Lose a shameless copy of the Verveine (Copyright 2009 Dalton Maag Ltd.) which someone presented to (fontsforpeas) as his/her own handwriting to get the Verveine for free. Forgot to include the % however.
States Dalton Maag Ltd.: This font may not be altered in any way without prior permission of Dalton Maag Ltd. Who cares

Police identifiée : Verveine

15/08/2015 à 16:55  [réponse] font


Police identifiée : Rockwell

15/08/2015 à 16:49  [réponse]  font name please

Are we going to make our own packaging?

Police identifiée : Velocity

15/08/2015 à 16:35  [réponse]  Name font?

Police identifiée : PW Groovy

15/08/2015 à 15:25  [réponse]  Font?

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