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07/09/2014 à 22:07  [réponse]  Font??????

Which one do you want? This one or the other?

07/09/2014 à 22:04  [réponse]  Font? :))

This image has been here before Jackie, also with no ID. Which is strange with identical Es in GREEN and identical e's and o's in Book.

07/09/2014 à 21:58  [réponse]  recherche police

You shouted without any reason ...

OK, the OPTI digital version of Limited View I have is almost identical to the image you have shown conman, nodes may be one to four points of but that is perfectly acceptable. Yet for a perfect match we need the A, D, K, R etc alternate (?). When not I stick to similar but no match, though I admit that it would take less than an hour to make all those. Maybe someone should?

When you read this, Good Morning, have a coffee

Have been out for a few hours, so late and you probably fast asleep. Thanks for all the images, I'll play with those. Still, the R, D and so on keep me puzzled. So when (not if) there are those alternates I would like to see just one. As you write, it wasn't easy to change fonts in the middle of typesetting, there must be something out there that shows these alternates.

If (not when) they are there your statement that Original is OPTI Limited View is correct and deserves the

If not, I stick to similar, but no match.

In the mean time

Where can I see the Phototype Limited View set, regular and alternates?

The R shown in all images seems to be similar to the Eurostile Bold Extended

Food for thought

07/09/2014 à 11:03  [réponse]  NES

OPTI Limited View is similar at best conman. Superimpose the OPTI Limited View on the sample image and you will see dramatic differences.

07/09/2014 à 10:14  [réponse]  name of this font?

Police identifiée : Yearbook Outline

07/09/2014 à 09:55  [réponse]  'Shouldn't a light go on?'

Police identifiée : Pecita

06/09/2014 à 21:56  [réponse]  psg ttf font file needed

What is a PSG and what is a LFP

06/09/2014 à 21:47  [réponse]  Android Campatibility

06/09/2014 à 21:08  [réponse]  formidable

Anyone knows why lately is coming in at a speed that would make a snail nervous?

06/09/2014 à 20:28  [réponse]  Font please?

Avoria, it is hard but try not to be dumb. It says not a font, so don't repeat your question. Certainly not twice.

06/09/2014 à 19:18  [réponse]  What the font is this, please ?


06/09/2014 à 17:15  [réponse]  Font?

Strange, not on myfonts.

Police identifiée : Frontage Outline

06/09/2014 à 17:02  [réponse]  Android Campatibility

A processor

This may once have been Arts & Letters' Clare-Condensed Bold.

Police suggérée : Clare Condensed Bold

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06/09/2014 à 14:11  [réponse]  What is the font?

Police identifiée : Always In My Heart

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