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21/07/2015 à 22:28  [réponse]  Problem about font of korean

@ quangngaicity
Punctuation might help. As is, you are carefully hiding what you want.

21/07/2015 à 22:24  [réponse]  MTV Scream secondary font

The 2 l/ don't seem to match.

21/07/2015 à 21:01  [réponse]  NEW THINKING.

If you had been capable of thinking, avipc, you might not have shouted. But you can not think, can you? So you have to shout. Dumb.

21/07/2015 à 20:09  [réponse]  Pages not loading

Alzheimer ... What was that again?

12/07/2015 à 23:09  [réponse]  the sigit

Don, Castcraft's digital fonts were not clones. If they were, all Adobe digital fonts would be clones. They are a digital format of an existing type, some technically better made and some not, but as they are individual digital formats made from existing analog (film) types they are not clones or copies according to USA jurisprudence those days. Jackie, when around, can explain to you better than I can the ultimate stupidity of the sentence that lead to that jurisprudence. And also how money can manipulate the law. That is, over there.

So, whether people like it or not or being abandoned or not Castcraft fonts have the very same legal status as, for example, Bitstream fonts. You do remember how Bitstream started, do you?

And as far as Adobe goes, how many (many??) typefaces did Adobe actually design? Dig from here to down under and then tell me, how many?

12/07/2015 à 21:57  [réponse]  David Solano Logo Font

Try Blambot's Death Rattle. Has some matching characters but some other don't match at all.

Police identifiée : DeathRattle BB

Also nice Claude but not as sexy

12/07/2015 à 11:21  [réponse]  HELP!

Police identifiée : Oswald

12/07/2015 à 10:33  [réponse]  Font name please :)

Police identifiée : My Own Topher

12/07/2015 à 10:24  [réponse]  Letter A

Police identifiée : F37 Bella

11/07/2015 à 20:51  [réponse]  Help

Sorry, this page isn't available.

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

10/07/2015 à 22:29  [réponse]  Help

Any idea what a font is?

10/07/2015 à 22:16  [réponse]  Help

What did you actually upload?

09/07/2015 à 22:39  [réponse]  what's this font

We must not change and we should not change. But, the Latin character set of the Andalus (and the Zar and the Yagut and the Al Ekbariah and the Adarghal 1) is the same as the Monotype Footlight set. Thus the Windows system font Andalus is not a copy or a clone but just the same font with an added arabic character set.

Mutatus mutandum it is the original.

09/07/2015 à 22:13  [réponse]  what's this font

Yep Jackie. The Latin character set can be found in a lot of fonts, arabic, chinese, etc. But as the OP is on Windows 7 there is no need to go after a need to buy one when the font is already installed on sketchitgraphics machine. Right?

09/07/2015 à 20:55  [réponse]  what's this font

That is the Andalus. A Windows system font. You have it:

09/07/2015 à 20:44  [réponse]  font name? or custom?

09/07/2015 à 15:24  [réponse]  help

Aka Bank Gothic.

Police identifiée : Bank Sans

09/07/2015 à 15:12  [réponse]  FONT PLIS!!!

Police identifiée : Minotaur

09/07/2015 à 15:07  [réponse]  What's that font?

Police identifiée : Bryant

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