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20/02/2015 à 20:42  [réponse]  Name that font!

Tell me, why should I? "Name that font!" Whatever happened to fucking please?

20/02/2015 à 20:34  [réponse]  yumel

Made with Lucida Handwriting. Castrated U and E and then stretched. Poor Lucida Handwriting.

Police identifiée : Lucida Handwriting

20/02/2015 à 18:41  [réponse]  What the text font name? please

Too close for comfort.

20/02/2015 à 14:23  [réponse]  What the text font name? please


20/02/2015 à 14:07  [réponse]  What the text font name? please

Police identifiée : Air Asia

jchamberlin a dit  
... a serif font I remember seeing between 2010 and early 2012, in the early days of the Internets. ...

the early days of the Internet

20/02/2015 à 11:03  [réponse]  Need Help

Police identifiée : Mistral

20/02/2015 à 10:02  [réponse]  The Big Bang theory Scroll Text

No Arial Bold it says ...

toto@k22 a dit  
@SportsFonts ... If you can do that Packers font, you can do this.

If it is made like that Packers font it will hardly be usable for what he wants it for. Here a detail of the 5 of that Packers font.

19/02/2015 à 19:37  [réponse]  tbl to ttf converter?!

19/02/2015 à 18:40  [réponse]  What are the fonts?

Police identifiée : Lithos

You would not create it, you would copy it. And that would be a copyright infringement The University owns the copyright to the font and diligently protects its use to this day. So it is not about not sharing it is about stealing intulectual and industrial property.

Again, don't even think about it.

18/02/2015 à 22:52  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Kennebunkport

18/02/2015 à 22:46  [réponse]  loads of fun

Police identifiée : Olicana Smooth

18/02/2015 à 22:17  [réponse]  Not showing in my font listing

Condensed that is. Condensed is horizontal, elongated is vertical

18/02/2015 à 21:52  [réponse]  KO Font

But ... those are letters ... and I can see them on my screen and even print them. That has to be a font.

Police identifiée : Armor Piercing

18/02/2015 à 20:57  [réponse]  google drive and onedrive

Fonts work with applications installed on your PC. That has little - nothing - to do with Google drive and onedrive.

18/02/2015 à 20:53  [réponse]  EVERY FONT HAVE MEANING.

fonatica a dit  

Only when a script font is needed

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