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23/02/2016 à 16:08  [réponse]  font name

Police identifiée : Campanile

23/02/2016 à 13:39  [réponse]  Lucas Lucco??? URGÊNCIA!!!

Why shout?

23/02/2016 à 10:28  [réponse]  Font please. :)

A modified Gotham Bold.

Police identifiée : Wicked Grit

21/02/2016 à 21:04  [réponse]  Identify Font

s vs s
What is your guess?

21/02/2016 à 20:48  [réponse]  What the font name please?

Police suggérée : IFC Los Banditos  (Déjà suggérée ici)

Édité le 21/02/2016 à 20:49 par koeiekat

21/02/2016 à 18:38  [réponse]  Motorola Watchface

Or making a sans serif capital I.

Édité le 21/02/2016 à 18:40 par koeiekat

21/02/2016 à 17:26  [réponse]  Motorola Watchface

Is there anything easier than making a round o?

21/02/2016 à 17:23  [réponse]  WHAT FONT IS THIS?

You don't live among those screamer, I do. Half a meter away from each other and they put up the volume as if they were 50 meters away from each other. Enter a bar ... at least 2 TVs on different channels competing in volume plus a CD player loud on. And if that is not enough, even when they write they have to scream. So for me, Capital Offense, Capital Punishment.

The OP will probably not be able to read this as it is not CapsLock. What is even worse, will never be able to.

21/02/2016 à 16:53  [réponse]  Une saison chez les bonobos

Only when you buy all faces ... but you don't need to, do you?

21/02/2016 à 16:49  [réponse]  What font is this?

Police identifiée : Alte Haas Grotesk

21/02/2016 à 16:45  [réponse]  Une saison chez les bonobos

€26 expensive?

21/02/2016 à 16:40  [réponse]  WHAT FONT IS THIS?

Some never learn.

21/02/2016 à 16:39  [réponse]  Une saison chez les bonobos

Probably a mix of Proxima Nova S Semibold Extra Condensed and Radiometry.

Police suggérée : Radiometry

21/02/2016 à 16:29  [réponse]  WHAT FONT IS THIS?

21/02/2016 à 16:11  [réponse]  Motorola Watchface

I opt for the PF Premier Text because of the m and t.

21/02/2016 à 15:52  [réponse]  What Font Is This?

That is ISOCP/ISOCT an Autodesk font. Originally only for CAD/CAM.

Police identifiée : ISOCP

Police identifiée : Gotham

21/02/2016 à 14:09  [réponse]  font?

Police identifiée : Always forever

21/02/2016 à 14:03  [réponse]  Motorola Watchface

Etzelt Design a dit  
Motorola Watchface

Can anyone identify what font is used for the hour marks of the watchface?

21/02/2016 à 13:50  [réponse]  Motorola Watchface

Modified o for this logo.
Not on Parachute's site anymore.

Police suggérée : Premier Text

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