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09/04/2014 à 11:54  [réponse]  FONT ? 2

Police identifiée : Brady Bunch remastered

09/04/2014 à 11:49  [réponse]  fonnt

Police identifiée : Doctor Soos Bold

09/04/2014 à 11:36  [réponse]  Script Font?

Police identifiée : Henry Morgan Hand

09/04/2014 à 11:03  [réponse]  ANYONE KNOW THIS FONT? OR SIMILAR

Police identifiée : IFC Insane Rodeo

Forum : English
09/04/2014 à 09:39  [réponse]  Castellar pairing a.k.a.Font similar to Galliard

Strange story ... what sort of business can not afford $22?

Plenty of clones around but nothing, of course, in the public domain.

Yet, if the company can not afford those $22, why not use a font that came with your operating system? I'd go for the one the Galliard is based on ... the Garamond.

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08/04/2014 à 22:44  [réponse]  Font Identity help please?

Show me how close you can get. All liniar modifications allowed.

This is or Castcraft OPTIFlorentine, or Brendel Informatik's/B & P Graphics Florentine, or Softmaker's Firenze, or Arts & Letters'(Bay Animation) Wright, or SWFTE's Gabriel, or Rix Foundry's NewRix Fancy, or SSI's CapatolaSSK, or Penguin Productions'Middleton, or Fantazia's FZ BASIC 10. And the list goes on ... How come you could not find it?

Police identifiée : Florentine

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08/04/2014 à 21:24  [réponse]  What is the Hermès font?

Can not be. The grave prohibits.

08/04/2014 à 20:53  [réponse]  Another "Whart font is this"

Police identifiée : dfdMiliciana

08/04/2014 à 20:28  [réponse]  What font is it?

e - e Fred_bot

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08/04/2014 à 19:45  [réponse]  Wath is the font ?

You will find the name top left - is my guess.

08/04/2014 à 18:13  [réponse]  font of caroline?

Kateboo1006 a dit  (voir le post)
i only have
and asdfghjkl2 ...

Nope Also kateboo0583, kateboo06 and xXLost_DevotionxX.

08/04/2014 à 18:00  [réponse]  font of caroline?

Not only Kateboo1006 but also kateboo0583, nanana-6, kateboo06, asdfghjkl2 and xXLost_DevotionxX. Why is that?

08/04/2014 à 17:42  [réponse]  font of caroline?

The font has a lot of alternates and swashes. It is the l of the Beginnings III.
Tell me Kate, why do you use so many different names on the forum?

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08/04/2014 à 17:35  [réponse]  font???!!!

That is the Libel Suit by Ray Larabie. In your sample the h is used to make the y and the d to make the p.

Police identifiée : Libel Suit

08/04/2014 à 17:21  [réponse]  font of caroline?

Police identifiée : Ambassador Script

08/04/2014 à 17:11  [réponse]  Font please ?

Police identifiée : Baskerville Old Face

08/04/2014 à 17:00  [réponse]  Font Identity help please?

Police suggérée : Memphis ExtraBold

Three times a different e. What do you think?

Hmmm, as far as I know that Fabio Handwriting is in fact the HW Fabio, 2005, Will Software. Now wonder with The Kat, why do we see this on Myfonts: Design date: 2009.

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