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23/08/2014 à 10:10  [réponse]  Help please. Thanks

Police identifiée : Republik Sans ICG 03

23/08/2014 à 10:03  [réponse]  two fonts

Police identifiée : Champagne & Limousines

23/08/2014 à 09:57  [réponse]  two fonts

Police identifiée : CAC Pinafore

22/08/2014 à 22:13  [réponse]  & elegant font?


22/08/2014 à 20:08  [réponse]  How long?

True Jaynz, nah ... sort of. But that does not take away the me, me, me ...
I take care of my ass and others have their own ass to bother about. If they starve, their problem. If they can not pay even basic medical care, their problem. If they can not afford the schooling of their children, their problem. My ass is the only thing that counts.

Try to think. It ain't that difficult with your education.

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22/08/2014 à 19:53  [réponse]  marie claire


22/08/2014 à 18:40  [réponse]  marie claire

Have been trying to follow that, but what the heck is a cyrilhanouna

22/08/2014 à 18:14  [réponse]  & elegant font?

azzumail, you should not have re-posted this ID request. This only creates confusion as others now do not see the answer already given.

22/08/2014 à 16:43  [réponse]  WHAT THIS FONT???

A match, not a perfect match. Compare the S of the Maverick and the Levelor Display Caps with the S in your sample and the Ü is missing in both.

22/08/2014 à 15:19  [réponse]  WHAT THIS FONT???

100% free on Dafont. € 9.99 on Myfonts.

Try Fontbank's Maverick (1990/1991). A year later copied by Southern Software as Levelor Display Caps SSi.

Police suggérée : Levelor Display Caps

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22/08/2014 à 12:00  [réponse]  Which font is this?

Police identifiée : Cinnamon Cake

22/08/2014 à 11:56  [réponse]  What Font Is This?

Police identifiée : Claire Hand

22/08/2014 à 11:47  [réponse]  WHAT THIS FONT???

Don't shout please or you'll face the Boycott.

Police identifiée : Boycott

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22/08/2014 à 11:39  [réponse]  Fuentes en Portadas de Discos.

Not one font, compare R and O. The S is Nick Curtis' Humpty Dumpling NF.

22/08/2014 à 11:33  [réponse]  Help with old logo

You should be asleep!

22/08/2014 à 11:32  [réponse]  Anyone know this font?

Dunno, the first and third t are the same (apart from the pepper spray)

22/08/2014 à 11:16  [réponse]  simil handwriting font?

I have not found a match for the & but similar is the Miller Text Italic and/or Miller Display Italic. You could also have a look at the & of a Caslon Italic, which this & and the Miller & seem to be based on.

Police suggérée : Miller Text Italic

21/08/2014 à 23:10  [réponse]  How long?

It is not your president, Jaynz, it is the US. It is the mentality that the Americans are so proud of, me, me, me and fuck the rest.
In the statistics there should also have been something about job-satisfaction.

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