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Police identifiée : Raphael

17/09/2015 à 12:32  [réponse]  singlecover Farmer/Sting

Police identifiée : Sharon

17/09/2015 à 11:37  [réponse]  font

Lapland is the Weatherly Systems Inc copy of the Lubalin Graph. This one here with the rounded corners and the modified 'Q' is the CN Bold.

Police identifiée : CN Bold

16/09/2015 à 19:10  [réponse]  What's the font please?

Smaragd and the Bodoni Open are similar indeed. But the 'L', the top of the 'A' and/or the serifs ...

16/09/2015 à 16:16  [réponse]  Problème d'accents

If you had spelled it correctly the confusion had not occurred. InDesign, no space, uppercase I and D.

16/09/2015 à 14:39  [réponse]  Please help find this font.

Police identifiée : Almonte

Police identifiée : Purissima

16/09/2015 à 13:43  [réponse]  What the font please??

Police identifiée : Bremen

Try to learn to read.

16/09/2015 à 13:27  [réponse]  HELP à la communauté

Try to make a sharp photo using a proper camera.

16/09/2015 à 12:17  [réponse]  Which font is this?

Police identifiée : Scala Sans

15/09/2015 à 22:05  [réponse]  ¿Font?

I don't follow each and every post, as you know Jackie. And certainly not these fuzzy images which once IDed are being frogged.
Whatever, many have made their digital version of this thing or just copied and renamed it so your suggestion is as good as any other one as no-one has the 'O'.

Another one that either can not read or is blind.

15/09/2015 à 19:35  [réponse]  ¿Font?

Heron2001 a dit  
This is the closest I can find...

Baby Teeth

And gosh ... how many names has this been given ...

15/09/2015 à 17:23  [réponse]  Iron Angel font

How about Dieter Steffmann's American Text version? Free.

Édité le 16/09/2015 à 11:11 par drf

15/09/2015 à 11:52  [réponse]  Fly Emirates Font Please

donshottype a dit  
Unfortunately no legitimate way to acquire it.

No need to acquire ... Emirates gives it away

You don't remember him calling rent-a-Serb?

14/09/2015 à 16:04  [réponse]  what’s this font ?

How appropriate

Police identifiée : Mf Young & Beautiful

14/09/2015 à 15:59  [réponse]  What's this font, please?

Police identifiée : Colonna

newworldicon a dit  
Please help me identify this font called Kiln.. ... It's the Kiln font that says MODERN in the pic. ...

Mumble ...

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